Who will succeed Angela Merkel? The answer is now in the hands of the 60.4 million German voters called to the polls on Sunday.

They have until 6 p.m. to elect their deputies.

A good part of these voters like Angela Merkel have chosen to vote by post and will therefore not go to the polling stations.

The name of the future chancellor or the future chancellor, and the composition of his probable majority, thus risk not being known as of Sunday evening and long negotiations will be necessary in the coming months to form the future team in power. With the risk of leading to European paralysis until the first quarter of 2022.

Angela Merkel, 67 years of which more than 30 in politics, will remain in control during this period to deal with day-to-day business.

Among the contenders competing for his succession, we find the Social Democrat and current Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz. There is also the heir to the camp of Mrs Merkel, the conservative Armin Laschet, and Annalena Baerbock for the Greens.

After a summer of deadly flooding in Germany and the alarming finding of the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who “concludes, in its report published on August 9, 2021, that the climate is changing all over the world and faster than expected”, what will be the consequences on these elections? Answer in a few hours.

The only certainty is the departure of Angela Merkel after 16 years in power.


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