Germany asks the European Union for help to curb the flow of immigrants from Belarus

Germany asked Tuesday at European Union to “take action” to help stem the flow of immigrants crossing illegally to Poland from Belarus.

“Ni Poland ni Germany they can cope with this alone, “German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told the Bild daily.

“We have to help the Polish government secure its external border. This should be a matter for the European Comission. I ask you to act, “he said.

This call occurs after Poland said he had repelled an attempt by hundreds of immigrants to cross illegally from Belarus.

Warsaw it warned that thousands more were on the way and that future attempts to cross its border could be “armed in nature.”

Seehofer said he supported the decision of Poland to build a border wall.

“We cannot criticize them … for protecting the EU’s external borders,” Seehofer told Bild. “Not by using firearms, of course, but by other means that are available.”


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