Germany admits it would not meet its climate targets on time

Berlin.- The Minister of Economy and Climate Protection of Germany, Robert Habeck, told Die Zeit newspaper that the country will probably not reach its carbon emission reduction targets in the next two years.

After a higher court ruled in April that Germany should toughen its climate protection law, the government set targets for more ambitious CO2 reductionincluding achieving carbon neutrality by 2045.

The new coalition government laid out plans to intensify climate protection efforts involving far-reaching reforms for the utility sector and for manufacturing, buildings, transportation, and agriculture.

“We will probably not reach our goals for 2022 … Even by 2023 it will be quite difficult. We started with a drastic delay,” said Habeck, co-leader of the Greens party.

The government intends to have laws ready to speed up the approval of wind turbines by the end of next year, the minister said, adding that “2022 will be one of the most exhausting years this ministry has experienced in a long time.”

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