German justice: Audi’s diesel engines were tampered with and the automaker knew it

In the tentacular scandal of rigged diesel engines, Audi was held responsible this Thursday from the engines coming from its parent company, Volkswagen, according to a ruling from the highest court in Germany, in line with the complaint from the automotive giant’s customers.

Audi misled the authorities of enrollment and its clients in an “immoral” way, decided this Thursday the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) of Karlsruhe.

The Ingolstadt manufacturer launched vehicles equipped with the EA 189 engine supplied by Volkswagen despite the fact that “at least one responsible [de Audi] I knew the engine was equipped with misleading software, “said the Court, which upheld four regional court rulings dating from the fall of 2020.

The decision considerably strengthens the rights of affected consumers, as Audi must be responsible for the tampered engines that were developed by VW, “attorney Claus Goldenstein said in a statement.

Audi will have to pay compensation for damages and interest, after, in May 2020, the same Federal Court sentenced to Volkswagen to compensate an affected client.

In 2018, Audi already agreed to pay a fine of 800 million euros claimed by the Munich prosecutor’s office.

The “diesel“, which has led to numerous actions before the courts around the world, has cost Volkswagen € 30 billion (about $ 35 billion), a large chunk of it in the United States, where the German group pleaded guilty to fraud in 2017.

In autumn 2015, Volkswagen acknowledged having equipped 11 million of its diesel vehicles with a device capable of concealing their polluting emissions. In Europe, some 8.5 million vehicles would have been affected.

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