German firm will install its third plant in Querétaro

Queretaro, Qro. Grupo Prettl will install its third plant in the entity, in the municipality of El Marqués, with the expectation of generating more than 1,500 jobs.

The new operations center will have 10,000 meters of construction and will specialize in the production of assembly of plastic parts and LED lighting, for the interior of vehicles and the manufacture of harnesses for household appliances.

This investment project comes after 26 years of presence of the German firm in Querétaro, confirmed Governor Mauricio Kuri González, after meeting with directors of the firm during his second day of work in Hannover, Germany.

“With this (the new jobs they will generate) plus those they already have, they become one of the main employers in Querétaro,” he declared, holding a meeting with company executives.

At the meeting they discussed strategies for strengthening the state’s supply chain; also, of the capacities of the entity in manufacturing and electronics, including educational programs and specialized training centers in said sectors.

In addition to the new production center, the creation of more than 180 new jobs was announced in the plant that the firm has in Corregidora, also in the metropolitan area of ​​Querétaro, confirmed the advisor to the Prettl family, Carlos Barroso.

In this context, the German company will have 4,000 workers in its plants installed in Querétaro, positioning itself as one of the main employers in the state.

Currently, the company has two plants in the entity: one specializes in the manufacture of electronic harnesses for the aerospace sector and household appliances, and the next in the manufacture of specialized automotive-grade electronic cards.

Bosch analyzes new project

During the continuity of the tour of Europe, within the framework of the Hannover Messe 2022 Industrial Fair, Kuri González also met with Bosch executives, with the purpose of consolidating a new project with which the firm plans to expand its production capacity.

Bosch began operations in the state in 2017, with an automotive steering plant for the manufacture of transmission columns and mobility solutions such as electronic power steering.

Likewise, the educational authorities of Querétaro announced the creation of the Consortium of Technological and Polytechnic Universities of the state, which will have the objective of coordinating efforts among the six participating institutions to increase their impact both locally and globally.

Through the consortium, there will be an impact on the relationship with companies, for the benefit of higher education in the entity.

The consortium is made up of the Polytechnic University of Querétaro, the Polytechnic University of Santa Rosa Jáuregui, the Aeronautical University in Querétaro, the Technological University of Querétaro, the Technological University of Corregidora and the Technological University of San Juan del Río.

In this sense, the governor announced the Querétaro Ambassadors Scholarship, with which 100 grants will be provided to students from the state’s polytechnic and technological universities to make short stays –in the areas of science, technology and sustainability– in the United States, Canada and Germany.

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