German Chancellor rules out NATO seeking regime change in Russia

Regime change in Russia is not the “NATO target“Despite the invasion of Ukraine, the German Chancellor said on Sunday, Olaf Scholzin TV.

In declarations to the German public channel ARD, the president pointed out that he had been able to “talk extensively” with Joe Biden and that eventual regime change in Russia was not “the goal of the NATOnor that of the American president.”

Biden He said in Warsaw on Saturday that his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, “cannot stay in power.”

Although the White House was quick to qualify his words and insist that Washington was not seeking regime change, the offhand comment sowed concern, appearing to undermine Biden’s own efforts to underscore unity in supporting kyiv. .

“Democracy, freedom and law have a future everywhere, but it is up to peoples and nations to fight for this freedom,” Scholz added.

“What we must guarantee is that the integrity and sovereignty of the States is not violated,” he argued.

Asked about arms deliveries by Germanyconsidered insufficient by Kyiv, the German chancellor replied: “We are doing everything in our power.” The weapons already delivered by the West have allowed, according to him, “considerable successes”.


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