A new lab for engineering students at Georgian College is officially open.

The college opened its new mechatronics lab at its Barrie campus Thursday, coinciding with the mechatronics program it launched last September.

“We didn’t have programs like this back then where you kind of looked at all three disciplines combined, electrical, mechanical and computers,” said Tanveer Sayeed, program coordinator. “So I’m actually really jealous of them and the experience they’re going to get.”

The lab was created through a partnership with Canadian manufacturer Magna International.

The company invested $1 million in the program and lab two years ago.

In turn, it will help new workers learn how to adapt to a changing engineering landscape.

“They’re looking for us to give them the skills and the knowledge they need to be career and job-ready, and to help move those organizations forward,” said Kevin Weaver, President and CEO of Georgian College.

Mechatronics student Kyle Lapinski told CTV News he’s excited to utilize the lab through his co-op with the post-secondary.

Lapinski said he’s always gravitated toward engineering and fell in love with Mechatronics as a way to learn as much as he could.

“I found I’m particularly interested in advancing the technology of robotic prosthetics,” he added. “I decided to see what’s the cost, how effective is it, what are our limitations at the current time, what can I do to advance and further this industry, to help people on a greater scale.”

The lab will be fully operational for students entering the mechatronics program later this fall.

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