Georgian College graduates cross the stage for the first time in 2 years

Georgian College graduates are crossing the stage for the first time in two years.

It’s a return to normalcy many students have been waiting for since the pandemic started.

“It’s nice to be able to catch back up with everybody. We were so close for two years, and then to miss them for two years, it feels like a closing now,” said graduate Abby McArthur.

Their long-awaited achievements were recognized on Monday in front of friends and family.

“I’m excited. We worked really hard for this, so it’s an exciting moment,” said graduate Alycia Stringer.

This week 3,500 students are eligible to graduate from all seven campuses, including previous graduates who were invited back from 2020 and 2021 after ceremonies were pushed online.

“It has been two years now since I graduated in 2020. So it has been two years since I’ve waited for this final day when I can go to convocation with all my family and friends,” said Vaijal Patel.

It’s a chance for students to close the final chapter after many spent at least half their college experience behind a computer screen.

“To see their friends, come and say hello to some of their faculty members, it’s really important, and some really need that to finish their academic career, and we are just really excited to be able to have them here to do that,” said Katie Sleep, Manager of Events and Conference Services at Georgian College.

Those in attendance Monday morning saw Brian Davenport receive an honorary degree as he celebrated a long list of achievements and shared some words of wisdom with the graduates.

“There’s always obstacles along the way. There’s always impediments that happen, but we find a way to work through it and move forward,” said Davenport.

A total of six ceremonies will take place Monday and Tuesday.

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