‘GEO Beyond the Limit’, the docuseries of the Spanish elite body, already has a trailer and release date on Amazon

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Amazon Prime Video releases the trailer and the release date of GEO Beyond limit, a documentary series about the Spanish elite police force that will hit the platform on Friday, October 15.

GEO Beyond the Limit is the first docuseries that introduces the camera into the ins and outs of one of the most prestigious elite police forces in the world: the Special Operations Group or GEO For the first time, the technical team will have access to the tough and demanding selection process that new members undergo, which lasts for more than seven months. Hundreds of applicants are those who initially intend to enter, but it will be only a few who will be able to pass the tests and meet the necessary requirements.

In each chapter the progress of the group of applicants who are presented will be followed step by step, allowing the viewer to learn more about their personal history, how they react to physical tests and their transformation throughout a process that will put their limits to the limit. physical and mental abilities. The protagonists must undergo extreme stress that will deprive them of sleep and will also be exposed to unbearable conditions. As if that were not enough, they must overcome their worst fears and be prepared for what may be to come.

The series includes a total of 8 50-minute episodes directed by David miralles and produced by Jorge Pérez Vega and Ignacio Corrales from Buendía Studies.

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