General public rezoning hearing entering the final stretch, a kind of

The marathon public hearing is about a proposed change to allow homeowners to rebuild their single-family home into other forms of low-density housing without first applying for a land use redesignation.

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Ten days later, the end of the City of Calgary’s longest public hearing was finally near on Friday morning, with fewer than 100 speakers left to present their case on a proposed change to zoning regulations.

At that point, the council had heard from 611 people about the citywide rezoning proposal. Of the 965 speakers registered to date, 262 did not respond when asked.

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With 92 people left to speak and a rising attrition rate as of Friday, there was a slim chance the council could hear the remaining speakers before the weekend, depending on the number of people who didn’t show up.

But Mayor Jyoti Gondek noted that just because the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight doesn’t mean the vote will happen anytime soon.

“I think we all know that trying to predict when a meeting will end is a dangerous game,” he said. “It depends on how many more people are left to speak, and we have to respect the public. We will see how long it will take.”

The marathon public hearing is about a land use bylaw amendment that, if approved, would see Calgary change its default residential zoning district to residential grade-oriented infill (R-CG). The change would allow homeowners to rebuild their single-family home into other forms of low-density housing, including duplexes, fourplexes and townhomes, without first applying for a land use redesignation.

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The R-CG rezoning proposal, which is a component of the city’s housing strategy, has generated intense debate as it would increase densification in established communities that are currently zoned for single-family detached homes only.

With nearly 1,000 registered speakers on both sides of the debate, the public hearing that began April 22 has been Calgary City Council’s longest meeting.

Like this week, next week we will see other commitments that could postpone the council’s verdict. The event center committee is scheduled to meet Monday morning for a private update on the $1.2 billion capital project, and there is a regularly scheduled public hearing with more than 40 topics planned for Tuesday that could last until Wednesday. One of those public hearings is to formally repeal the single-use items statute, which received backlash from the public and some council members in January.

All of that means that, other than Monday afternoon and evening, council probably won’t revisit the overall rezoning discussion until May 9, a day that also includes a Calgary planning commission meeting on Thursday. late.

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After each speaker has presented, the council will receive another report from administration summarizing the public hearing. Deliberations will follow, with some councilors expected to propose amendments to the rezoning proposal.

District 12 County. Evan Spencer confirmed that he has some amendments lined up, hoping to find a compromise that takes into account the concerns of those both for and against the blanket rezoning.

“I have my eyes on a number of amendments: some I have contributed and others I know others are presenting and responding to their colleagues,” he said. “It’s going to be difficult to break down all the work because there will be a huge divergence of opinions in terms of how to move forward.

“It is not an easy proposal, but we hope it ensures that all the voices we have heard over the past three weeks are respected.”

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