Gender violence: Chiringuito, by Emma Riverola

There was a parenthesis. A moment that could have been no man’s land. A gap in the calendar with the soul of a nest. Close your eyes and simply feel safe, accompanied. There was a parenthesis between the complaint and the day they were both summoned to a court in Barcelona. But there was no peace. They say he went crazy when he found out she had a new partner, who texted her constantly, who followed her. What an old script for two such young people. Both in their twenties with a seven-year-old son. She took the big step: she filed the complaint. Only for threats, not for assaults. Despite the fact that the walls betrayed the blows, the neighbors assure. Hours before she went to court, he murdered her.

There was a parenthesis that became a macabre prelude for Ivet. It could have been different. It has to be different. Barcelona City Council has announced that it will open a second facility to offer comprehensive care to victims of violence. They are not beach bars, as some say. They must be a parenthesis of advice, recognition and protection. necessary. Essential for life. How could you kill her? a neighbor snapped at Diego. He did it because he could. And it was avoidable.

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