Gender, couple, eroticism… At the start of the school year, a part of the legs to read


Does sexuality belong to the realm of the body or to the spheres of the mind? The two, comrades. It mixes nature and culture, practices and theories – it therefore unfolds as naturally at the heart of pornographic events … as on the shelves responsible for the literary re-entry. Indeed, in recent years (#metoo will have marked a turning point), we have noticed a real fervor of the authors – and rare authors – to take up questions of gender, couple and eroticism. The publications are numerous, and the level, very uneven. I therefore allow myself to help you sort it out.

“Reinventing love”, by Mona Chollet

Let’s start with the back-to-school juggernaut, which you will hear about everywhere: as usual with Swiss journalist Mona Chollet, this essay combines an unstoppable subject (“love”), an inspiring treatment (“reinventing”) and astonishing ease of reading. The publication is right on trend since, four years after #metoo, the issue of sexual violence has (partially) shifted to microviolence in functional couples. Can men and women live together? If so, how can we deconstruct the sexist mechanics that feed our romantic ideals? Is the fall of the patriarchy still a long way off? The exact same theme has been explored since 2020 by journalist Victoire Tuaillon in her excellent podcast ” The Heart on the Table »(Binge Audio productions, already 10 exciting episodes).

Zones, 272 pages, 19 euros.

“Getting out of heterosexuality”, by Juliet Drouar

Not convinced by the Mona Chollet strategy? Very well. Bring out the Kalashnikovs, put on your bulletproof vest: activist Juliet Drouar is back. After its festival “Getting out of heterosexuality”, here is the essay of the same name, which reads quickly and will relieve you of a few teeth that you did not really need anyway. The archiradical remarks do not prevent certain arguments to hit the mark. I allow myself to cover your Sunday morning with my favorite quote: “All people lose out in heterosexuality. And those who think “Oh no, I’m fine, I’m very happy” are wrong. “ Mass is said, I ask for a glass of wine.

Binge Audio, 160 pages, 15 euros.

“Amours augmentées”, magazine “Terrain”

Can we fall in love with artificial intelligence? From a vintage car, an organ in a church, a plant or a robot? A dozen experts respond in the anthropology journal Ground (biannual, unfortunately far too little known), under the leadership of the Institute of Human and Social Sciences of the CNRS. The illustrations are splendid, we learn a lot of things, and we come out amazed by our collective capacity to love – enough to recover a tad of faith in humanity (we will need it to face the presidential election). If you want to know more about this publication, a meeting is scheduled at Quai Branly, in Paris, with some of the contributors, and that will be on September 23.

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