GCarso’s revenue will grow by 32% in 2021

The Grupo Carso conglomerate, owned by Carlos Slim, recorded a growth in its revenue of 31.94% in 2021 to 124.926 million pesos, compared to what was reported in 2020.

Another financial indicator that increased in double digits was its net income, which ended at 12,284 million pesos, a growth of 90.54 percent.

Similarly, its operating flow (EBITDA) closed at 16.663 million pesos last year, an increase of 34.82% compared to 2020.

An analysis by Casa de Bolsa Monex believes that the issuer’s fourth quarter 2021 and annual report were “positive, as it confirms the recovery phase due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, Grupo Carso has made significant progress in business offered by Condumex and Carso Energy, which have shown considerable resilience over the past two years in light of the effects of Covid-19.

Grupo Carso closed its listings on the Mexican stock exchange on Tuesday at 58.52 pesos per share, an increase of 3.29%, reaching a market value of 131.977 million pesos.

“Looking ahead, it will be important to observe the evolution of the pandemic, a greater expectation of economic growth both locally and internationally, as well as inflationary pressures,” the Monex report said.

Double its EBITDA

Grupo Sanborns, the commercial branch of Grupo Carso, reported positive figures in the period from October to December 2021 compared to the same quarter a year earlier, when businesses with time and capacity constraints were operating due to the Covid-19 health event, while the Good Ends and Christmas Seasons boosted the company’s results.

Sanborns’ operating flow in the fourth quarter of 2021 doubled to that of the same period of 2020 to 2.578 million pesos due to a good operating result in all its formats, according to the quarterly results report.

Its revenue increased by 26.1% between October and December, driven by the increase in customers in stores; while net earnings increased by 237.6% during the period.

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