Gazon Savard: Laterrois demand another site for composting brown bins

Citizens who have been complaining for months about the noise and odors coming from the company refuse to allow an industrial composting center to be set up on agricultural land near their home.

After having prevented the biopark project in Laterrière, the residents of the sector are fighting again to preserve their quality of life. They are tired and want the composting activities of Gazon Savard to move away from residences.

You would feel like chatting on the patio, you can’t. It smells like shitdirectly related Annie Truchon, an exasperated resident.

Annie Truchon in front of a vacant lot in the spring.

Annie Truchon is one of the residents of Laterrière who are calling for a new site for the treatment of organic matter in Saguenay.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Priscilla Plamondon-Lalancette

dead leaves

For the moment, Gazon Savard is composting dead leaves from Saguenay and Quebec.

Me, my daughter, this winter, for several months she didn’t go outside to play because it smelled of rot. I really ask elected officials to stop composting there. Then have it transferred elsewhereadded Mélanie Coulombe, another Laterroise.

Gazon Savard, which has been composting since 1997 on agricultural land, has obtained the green light from the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MELCC) to operate an industrial composting site with a new building that will be built in the coming months.

It should be noted that the company has also obtained the contract to process organic matter from brown bins in Saguenay starting in September.

What worries me with industrial composting is how far it will go. Because it can come from anywhere… Quebec, Ontario, other provinces. It will become a machine, not just composting from Ville Saguenay. I really expect the elected, they block it allcontinued Mélanie Coulombe.

Mélanie Coulombe on her land

Residents like Mélanie Coulombe do not want an industrial composting site near their residence.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Priscilla Plamondon-Lalancette

The Rang Saint-Paul company has already received putrescible materials from Toronto, confirm documents sent by Gazon Savard to the Ministry of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change.

It’s too close to the houses. We are no longer able to take advantage of our exterior. We will have a loss of enjoyment. We already have onechained Annie Truchon.

Zoning amendment requests

Gazon Savard made three agricultural zoning amendment requests to the City to expand its activities. Residents of the area oppose it.

I think we’re going to be heard, because the councilors and the mayor, we’re the ones who put them there, we’re the ones who voted for themwarned Manon Gaudreault, another citizen of the sector.

A woman poses on a partially snow-covered terrain in the spring.

Manon Gaudreault, a resident of boulevard Talbot, complains about the odors given off by the company Gazon Savard.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Priscilla Plamondon-Lalancette

For the moment, the City says that the file is incomplete and that it has asked Gazon Savard to redo its homework.

Zoning amendment requests are ruled by the city council, so it is the city council that will have to rule on this in the coming months., underlined the municipal councilor Jimmy Bouchard. The latter is the president of the Commission for Sustainable Development and the Environment of Saguenay.

On April 4, the citizens’ group sent a letter signed by a lawyer to the City, which triggered a series of checks on the company’s activities.

There is an analysis underway at the zoning level to find out whether or not it is permitted to have the activities that are currently taking place. Now as far as odors are concerned, what comes up in the Ville Saguenay yard, let’s put it like that, it’s also checks that we’re doingassured the adviser.

No other site, Saguenay swears

Residents insist that Gazon Savard is disturbing the neighborhood and that the composting of brown bins in Saguenay will have to be postponed unless there is a quick solution.

Maybe they could go somewhere else until we find better ground.suggested Annie Truchon.

A man speaks into the microphone.

City Councilor Jimmy Bouchard

Photo: Radio-Canada / Claude Bouchard

However, there is no question of changing the game plan for the moment, assures the City.

The composting will be done there, swore Jimmy Bouchard. But checks must be made to ensure that it meets zoning and odor regulations.

For its part, the company Gazon Savard recalls that it has all the necessary environmental authorizations to go ahead with the composting of the contents of the brown bins of Saguenay as of September and that it will be done in accordance with the rules of the ‘art.

Based on a report by Priscilla Plamondon Lalancette

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