Gas, electricity… What consumers can do in the face of soaring prices

Gas prices are rising again. 1er October, the increase will be 12.6%, according to the independent administrative authority that is the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE). An increase estimated at more than 57% since the beginning of the year for regulated tariffs. Like a ship launched at high speed, this continuous rise in gas prices is dragging in its wake, among other things, that of electricity prices, the latter being partly indexed to the former. Electricity consumers, be aware that your regulated tariff bills have already increased by 2% since the start of the year. And the bill could get even tougher in the dead of winter.

The president of CRE, Jean-François Carenco, questioned in “Télématin” on September 29, wanted to be cautious in his answers, neither wishing “Panic”, nor “Dramatize”. It prevents. In addition to the + 12.6% in October, “ if nothing happens, [les prix du gaz] will increase by around 15% in November ”. What about electricity? “If we do nothing, we can start with a price increase of 7 to 8% in January 2022”, evaluates Mr. Carenco. Thursday, September 30, the Minister of Ecological Transition, Barbara Pompili, went further, projecting an increase “Around 12%” early next year. The UFC-What to Choose Alert, September 20, was roughly in the middle, with the consumer association anticipating a 10% increase in electricity prices in February.

What direct impact on the annual bill of a household that heats with electricity? “The additional cost is estimated at 150 euros, or 1,700 euros per year, against 1,550 euros per year at present”, as calculated by UFC-What to Choose.

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  • There are around forty national suppliers

This is therefore “If we do nothing”. But beyond one-off government aid, what can energy consumers – namely the entire population – do to protect themselves against this announced explosion in tariffs? For tight budgets, as for those who are less tight, CRE and the national energy mediator agree on the fact that, in order to make real savings, it is important to know your energy consumption and to take note of all the contract offers available on the market. Changing supplier or offering can therefore lower your bill. “Up to -16% per year for gas”, specifies Caroline Keller, head of the information and communication department of the mediator. “In a world where there are so many different consumption profiles, you shouldn’t hesitate to look at what best meets your energy needs”, abounds CRE.

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