García Egea’s profile: What’s up with you, Teo?

How are things, Theo? “Full.” It is his hose, to such an extent that it is the one used by his imitators. Teodoro García Egea always goes full throttle. Vital and optimistic, full of energy and with an agenda in which his political work and the thousand hobbies that he displays by land, sea and air alternate. Because he is fit too and as soon as he climbs a mountain he swims around an island or challenges himself to bike races. In his ‘sports life’ he has had only one bad day, or better two: those occasions in which in consecutive years he became champion of Spain in mouth toss of olive pits grown in his town, Cieza, a competition that was held first in that town, then in the Murcian capital and even once in the United States. It was in his early youth, but the feat has pursued him until now in the mouth of his critics to caricature him and the professional cartoonists have offered them an inescapable resource. The black beast of him, Jimenez Losantosfrequently refers to this ability of the ciezano, and this one, who never loses his humor for that reason, sent him a jar of olives on one occasion, which the announcer understood as ‘an attempt to buy it’.

All that hyperactivity doesn’t make you neglect family life; a few months ago he had his third son, and brags about being a father. In addition, he is a fan of technological ‘gadgets’ (he has a degree in Telecos), and a handyman to handle them both in his work in politics and in his leisure time. Time is, for him, chewing gum that can be stretched to infinity, as journalists who receive answers to their questions know well. Whatsapp messages at five in the morning, and seems to enjoy the gift of ubiquity: in the same morning he can be interviewed live by three different television channels that locate him in as many Spanish provinces. Teodoro never sleeps or sits still.

Someone with that sufficiency has a lot of self-confidence, and usually imposes himself naturally on others. «Teo has said it», is usually argued in the PP of Murcia as a stamp of authority. But this quality is also possibly the one that, entering low hours, has turned against him.

“If you don’t go for it, I’ll go for it”

His irruption in politics took place with a certain modesty. The PP of Murcia Ramon Luis Valcarcel incorporated him as number seven to a list of ten eligible for his region at Congress of Deputies. He was filling in, but he was chosen, because there was a time when the popular people in Murcia had no ceiling. Before he had held some discreet position related to the management of the environmentbut since he jumped to Madrid he discovered that his vocation was national politics. When Pedro Antonio Sanchez was elected president of the PP in Murcia, it was surprising that he was not included in the regional leadership. “I need Teodoro in Madrid,” the new regional leader pretexted. And it is that, in effect, Teodoro progressed in the capital of the Kingdom, later we saw that very appropriately, between the new batch that was prefiguring in the environment of the most veteran leaders, and he made good friends with Pablo Casado in a friendship that went beyond political coincidence.

With Rajoy’s fall his time has come. He has always presumed that it was he who encouraged Casado to present his alternative: “If you don’t go for it, I’ll go for it”. They have made reports of him sitting on a bench in a square in Madrid where that conversation took place. He has never hidden that he and Married are ‘All for one and one for all‘.

In the intermission of the PP primaries, Teodoro had established, more than discreetly, his networks. He didn’t put on a portagayola. He had the element of surprise on his side. He blew up the apparatus Maria Dolores de Cospedalwhich he had mined, and put him on his side, just as he knew how to stop the current in favor of Saenz de Santamaria, discreetly led by Rajoy himself. In the regional headquarters of the PP in Murcia, the deputy Isabel Borrego, commanded by him, and it must be one more case, called half of Spain in order to get accessions for Casado; they say in the Murcian PP that it must have been the most expensive telephone bill in the history of the partybut it paid off. Suddenly, Casado, a newcomer to compete in the First Division, found that he had ‘apparatus’ in almost all provinces. The one that Teodoro improvised for him. to the top

Flesh and Bone

The couple is nail and flesh, and that is why it is so hard to believe that it can break. The leader would lose the shadow of him. They have been playing good and bad: Married, the friendly face, and Teodoro the doller behind the scenes, but without relinquishing political protagonism in the front line. When he took the position of general secretary, I asked him if a ‘young man’ like him felt authorized to give orders in a party in which the baronies prevailed, the established powers, and in which many with command in the place had been inclined to Sáenz de Santamaría, and responded with full conviction that Casado’s leadership was solid, that his victories would consolidate it and that the critical voices would be extinguished by the force of events.

But, suddenly, in a fatal moment, the ‘Ayuso case’ seems to have stopped so much hyperactivity and biological optimism in its tracks. The internal crisis of the party has revealed that García Egea has few friends and even the addicted press has called for his resignation from minute one. Not a single relevant voice has been raised in his favor.even among those who also criticize the president of Madrid, and has only found comfort in the Murcian president, Fernando Lopez Mirasa logical thing in addition to countrymen, since Teodoro is his protector, his promoter and even his strategic director.


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What is this loneliness due to? Teodoro himself, who seems to know everything about the keys to development in political life, could explain it. In a war, the first to fall is the squire, especially if he has played strongly in favor of his knight. There has to be a victim for Casado, if it’s still possible, to survive. Even more so if the solution is that, overcoming the human factor, Married and Ayuso force peace. And, perhaps, Teodoro will give away his own head as a last sacrifice on the altar of concord. But the difficult thing is to suppose that the leader can accommodate a situation in which the blind man is not there to direct his steps and, most importantly, to stop his blows.

How are things, Theo? “Full.” But at the top of the butt.

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