Garamendi: gestures that are feats | Video commentary by Verónica Fumanal

It is the CEOE who has a plus of recognition with the labor reform, because it knows that the criticisms will come from those closest to it, not because of the substance of the agreement, but because of the fact of the agreement

In times of polarization, the gestures of generosity for the common good, and, therefore, those of us who flee from dichotomous politics (and life) must be the first to recognize the gestures that in this era of radicalization become deeds. In the next few days an agreement will be signed between the Government, unions and employers, in which the latter has, if possible, more merit than the others. I explain. Since the Workers’ Statute was agreed between the same actors in 1980, no government had been able to make the social dialogue a true negotiation framework. The governments of the left agreed to the labor reform with the unions. When the right-wing governments arrived, they agreed to the counter-reform with the bosses. Therefore, it is the CEOE, with Antonio Garamendi leading, who has a plus of recognition in this matter, because he knows that the criticism will come from those closest to him, not because of the substance of the agreement, but because of the fact of the agreement.

The CEOE It aims to represent the interests of the employers, but it is well known that it has always had a conservative bias. This makes it perceived by society as one more satellite of the universe of right-wing parties, that is, of the PP. In the same way, the unions are seen as instruments of pressure from the left, as we have been reminded Isabel Diaz Ayuso in his regrettable statements about the supposed boycott of primary care to the Government of Madrid. For this reason, the PP is so misplaced with the Garamendi strategy, which in his words is summarized as follows: “I have to work with the Government that has legitimately chosen the Spanish people & rdquor ;. This phrase is revolutionary in these circumstances, in a country with a more consolidated democratic culture it would be a no-brainer.

The anger of the right

And, to show, the monumental anger of the PP and the conservative media with the agreement reached for the labor reform. Instead of putting in value the capacity of the CEOE and Antonio Garamendi to put in waist the Government “more radical and socialcommunist & rdquor; reaching a moderate reform, they dedicate themselves to delegitimize it by trying to start a alleged rebellion within the organization and counting his days at the helm of the CEOE. The irresponsibility to which we are accustomed. It should be remembered that when the employer, whose only wish is that there is social peace so that businesses and investments prosper, supported the pardons to the leaders of the ‘procés’ as a measure of appeasement, Casado accused them of “not representing anyone & rdquor; and of being “a subsidized audience & rdquor ;. Thus, it would be said that the proximity of the PP to the employer’s association does not result from a conjunction of interests on economic doctrines, but on the basis of the follow-along to the doctrines of the party in general against the left.

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Leadership is demonstrated in times of adversity, being loyal to oneself and its principles, not being carried away by short-termism. TO Antonio Garamendi He has had to negotiate with the first coalition government between PSOE and UP, I would say that it is not little. His style is based on the pragmatism to get the best possible deal for the organization you represent. In the negotiation of the labor reform, of course, he has not achieved everything that the business community would like, but he has achieved something fundamental for his people: “to give freedom to the company, legal security and social peace,” as he stated in an interview in COPE.

By the way, this pragmatic style and results, so Basque, also defines the Secretary General of CCOO, Unai Sordo. Two leaders of the social dialogue table, surely far apart in terms of their ideological positions, but willing to have the courage to know how to negotiate respecting the adversary, without living resignations as a betrayal, but as the best example of what it should be politics.

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