For some mysterious reason, many human beings love atrocity. Surely there is out there, deep in the DNA (the library of ourselves), an evil gene that makes them enjoy the blood, disembowelment and destruction of the other. Viciously, with indifference, more with pleasure than astonishment, these horrible beings dedicate themselves to destroying everything. Deep down, these terrible actions are what they pursue is to show their power. Therein lies the basic motivation, to prove that they can do so much that it is worth reaching the annihilation of the one in front for their personal satisfaction and thus exhibiting their exceptional ability to make suffer and bend. These types of personalities do not seek to be loved, their enormous satisfaction comes from being feared and destroying everything that is put in front of them to feel omnipotent, even for the short time that the torture or degradation of their supposed adversaries lasts.

To the tragedy of our species, the history of humanity has always recorded this type of character that all they want is simply to dominate the world or their environment. Here is the resounding success of that unforgettable series: Game of Thrones. In her everything was possible, everything was worth to be able to sit on the thorny throne and be the or the mere one of all the kingdoms. With this same premise that mesmerizes the majority, the same can be read shakespeare what to Tolkien. or see starwarsa biopic of Hitler or any of the movies james-bond. Authoritarians (such as Pinky and the BrainThey want to rule the world. The most disconcerting thing is that some have achieved it… and the subjugated peoples have allowed it, sometimes even pleased and joyful. poof!

Today our country is bathed in blood by criminal gangs, drug cartels, vile criminals, sadists, murderers, inaction, complicity and indifference have also contributed to the bath. An amazingly well-organized crime and a powerful egoist travel through our nation to proclaim themselves masters and masters, each in their own way.

How many hundreds of thousands more Mexicans have to die for some to be more powerful and others to continue being so?

Violence is not fought with violence, okay… you fight with the law in hand. Brutality is fought with the security of living in a Rule of Law that preserves the monopoly of force and systematically builds rather than destroys our kingdom.

Today it seems that everything is collapsing, in this dark hour, I am willing to succumb alone to the weight of the law. Let’s make up our minds. This is not a game, it is a matter of honor.


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Psychologist, driver, writer, commentator for Grupo Formula.

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