Promoting the access of the poorest to vaccines throughout the world, this is one of the commitments of the G20 health ministers, who were meeting in Rome until Monday evening. However, the key question of suspension of vaccine patents anti-Covid, which would allow many countries to produce their sera, was once again discussed, but rejected for lack of agreement.

Alberto de Filippis, our envoy to Rome: “The international community must do more against this pandemic, focusing on supporting national health systems. Vaccine solidarity must also become a geopolitical necessity. These are some of the points expressed at the final G20 press conference. by health ministers in Rome. Italian minister Roberto Speranza also said that vaccines, the only real weapon against Covid, must be produced everywhere, not just in certain territories. For its part, Europe has already exported hundreds of millions of doses, but some countries are still short of vaccines. to encourage an increase in the global production of vaccines “.

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