Future work, by Roger Torrent and Daniel Crespo

The automotive industry has a strategic value paramount for the socioeconomic future of Catalonia. Second industrial sector in the country in terms of turnover and export engine, it offers quality jobs, draws in an important auxiliary industry and plays a determining factor in the challenge of the climate emergency. Aware of this, from the Department of Business and Labor we are accompanying the sector in its transition towards green mobility, helping it attract investment, attract new projects and promote its R&D&i to replace the manufacture of combustion vehicles.

However, this transformation will only be possible if it is accompanied by the improvement of capacities and the adequacy of the skills of the working people to the new productive reality. The sector must be competitive in human talent, in quality of work, which means being competitive in training.

The Martorell Automotive Professional Training Center is the key to achieving this. His administration, stuck for years in the bidding process, was awarded on March 25 to the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). A public university strongly linked to the sector, and which has accompanied the transformations of the country’s industry since its creation, it is the only one in Spain that already has a bachelor’s degree and two specialized master’s degrees in the automotive industry, and the one with the most industrial doctorates in this field. It also has a specific continuous training offer in electric vehicles, Smart Mobility, connected car and autonomous car. Participate in the main European urban mobility project and has been commissioned, with other state universities, to lead the formation of the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation (PERTE) of the electric and connected vehicle.

Endorsed by this experience, now The UPC goes one step further in its collaboration with the sector and assumes the management and operation of the Martorell Automotive Professional Training Center for the next 15 years, extendable for another 10 years, with a project that will make you a reference training, research, technological innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of sustainable mobility.

With an initial three-year plan, the UPC project intends to offer seven degrees of intermediate and higher degree cycles in initial FP, FP for the Employment of employed and unemployed people, Dual FP with the hiring of more than a hundred students, and a catalog of 45 training activities for companies.

It will also carry out activities cooperation and exchange with other international centers sector training; will promote projects linked to innovation and training research related to the electric vehicle, the connected vehicle, the autonomous vehicle, virtual or augmented reality, additive manufacturing and industry 4.0, Big Data, robotics and artificial intelligence, software and sensorization; it will establish agreements with reference entities in innovative technologies around the transformation of mobility; and will launch training programs related to the electric vehicle, sustainable mobility, the reduction of emissions, renewable energies and new forms of mobility.

It also plans to create service spaces to support entrepreneurship, business incubators and ‘Tech-Lab’ type simulation, experimentation and prototyping spaces aimed at students and companies. And it will seek to attract female talent towards the automotive and mobility sectors.

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This project should allow better connect vocational training, industry and university, integrating a complete itinerary (from basic training to the most advanced) as well as a dynamic and constant connection with the needs of the sector.

It is, therefore, about a project at the service of the future of the country. An initiative that will reinforce the transformation process of a fundamental industrial sector for our productive system, will contribute to developing green mobility and facing the challenge of the climatic emergency, will help improve the competitiveness of companies and will offer new job opportunities to working people in a professional field with great future prospects.

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