This Monday it was announced that the Seventh District Judge in Administrative Matters of Mexico City issued a definitive suspension for the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) to refrain from applying the Rules of Operation of La Escuela es Nuestra (LEEN) , which included the elimination of the full-time school program that, among other things, provides food services to basic education students.

The judge’s resolution considered that applying the LEEN Operating Rules, published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, are detrimental to children’s rights to education and food, for which the intention of the SEP, headed by Delfina Gómez, about eliminating full-time schools due to the launch of the La Escuela es Nuestra program, must stop immediately.

This decision comes after the organization Mexicanos Primero filed an amparo claim, claiming, among other things, that the SEP violated the principle of progressiveness of the right to education and food of millions of boys, girls and adolescents, by issuing Operating Rules for LEEN without Components 2 (extension of the school day) and 3 (food service), leaving millions of students and their families adrift.

Claudia Aguilar, partner of the firm Aguilar Barroso y Asociados, explained that with this ruling, the SEP cannot apply these Operating Rules and, therefore, the components of LEEN that refer to the services of extending the school day and food , they must continue.

While Fernando Alcázar, head of Legal Studies at Mexicanos Primero, recalled that last year they achieved an amparo ruling that ordered resources to be guaranteed to full-time schools within La Escuela es Nuestra, which is currently under review.

However, he regretted that the SEP ignored this sentence and that, on the contrary, this year it again violated the rights to education and food of the students by presenting the Rules of Operation that do not contemplate additional hours and food.

Laura Ramírez, director of Activation of Agents, assured that, despite the fact that this triumph in court forces the authorities not to stop the extended day and the food service, it is not enough.

“We will not be satisfied just to win in a trial; We will celebrate until the girls and boys of the 27,000 affected schools have a de facto food service and an extended day that allows them to learn more and better.”

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