Frustration draw

What he invented Memphis, with a huge goal, he ended up spoiling the Barça, the tedious Barça to which the children (Gavi and Nico) wanted to raise up with that football irreverence that so captivates the hopeless culé people. The coaches change, but the team does not advance. On the contrary, it shrinks and shrinks until it becomes small. Tiny. Weak. Sterile. Transparent because every first shot he receives ends up causing the patience of Barcelona to explode, which let out timid whistles with that frustrating draw.

Equalized in which, in addition, he lost two players due to injury (Kun Agüero and Piqué), further complicating his decisive European examination on Tuesday in Kiev. Nothing changes at the Camp Nou.

The same picture

The first Barça of Sergi Barjuan He had the same sad, listless, monotonous air with which he said goodbye to Koeman on a plane back from Vallecas. The interim coach bet on 4-3-3, but the start, full of enthusiasm and with more pressure than usual, ended up evaporating. It didn’t last long either. Not half an hour. He had the ball, he settled in the opposite field, favored, also, because the ultra-defensive proposal of Alavés favored him. But it did not generate danger, despite the fact that Barcelona lives installed on the ledge about to plunge into the abyss.

If the problem was thought to be the coach it was clear, and it is not at all the responsibility of Sergi (just two training sessions before sitting on the bench at Camp Nou), which is much deeper. In 45 minutes, only two shots: a poisonous header from Eric García at the exit of a corner allowed Severa, the goal of the whole of Vitoria, to show its elasticity. His huge stop, full of reflexes, clearing that dangerous ball on the same goal line. Afterwards, a distant shot of Memphis to which sivera the ball was removed by expelling it as the worst possible enemy. That’s where Koeman’s Barça ended. Sorry, Sergi’s Barça.

No intimidation

Until the injury of Omen, the starting nine because the others are in the infirmary or on the bench (Luuk de Jong), the team did not intimidate. And when he was stunned on the way to the locker room he appeared Coutinho. Another change signed by Koeman in a portrait of what this team is no longer (nor is it close to being). The decadence that is seen, and suffers, every day, trapped in a non-virtuous circle. A depressing circle, with a football that was shrinking because it lost vitality. And not even young people with punch like Nico, multi-asset at all times could support the lattice. Gavi and he escorted Busquets in that center of the field where those interiors were much more of position, although the son of Fran, owner of a privileged physique, looked out with intention to the area of ​​Alavés. Gavi started on the right and Nico started on the left. Then they exchanged wings. But the team did not inject itself of that youthful energy either, exhausted as it seems, tortured with itself, unable to rebel. They did.

Everything was transformed, however, in the second part when Memphis a work of art was invented where nothing existed before. Nothing is nothing. The forward tamed the ball, scanned the landscape, adjusted an imposing right hand that shook the deserted Camp Nou (37,278 spectators, militants, animated, connected, but few) before Barça got into trouble again when the defense took off. riot to Ter Stegen in the fantastic goal that led to the Alavés draw. The German goal was outraged with his teammates, symbolized in the photo in which Piqué appeared again. And, again, the old story. First shot on goal, first goal against for the Catalans.

Then, Nico and Gavi, two boys, decided to ask for the ball and show that the talent does not understand national identity documents. Barça was stunned when they raised the Camp Nou with a couple of superb actions. In both they left Memphis alone. But the former Olympique de Lyon striker hit first with the right post of the Alavés goal and then with Sivera’s body. Then Sergi rescued from the bench, where it was full of dust, to Riqui Puig, but he removed Gavi. And, suddenly, the Barça light went out, no matter how much Sergi modified the drawing in the final stretch.

The token

BARÇA: Ter Stegen (5), Mingueza (4), Piqué (4), Eric García (6), Jordi Alba (5), Gavi (6), Busquets (5), Nico (7), Dest (4), Kun Agüero (4) and Memphis (6).

Changes: Coutinho (4) for Kun Agüero (d. 41); Lenglet (4) by Piqué (m. 70)); Riqui Puig (4) by Gavi (d. 70); Balde (sc) by Nico (m. 81); Abde (sc) by Mingueza (m. 81)

Coach: Sergi Barjuan (4).

ALAVÉS: Sivera (7); X. Navarro (5), Lejeune (6), Laguardia (6), R. Duarte (6); Toni Moya (5), M. Loum (5), Pere Pons (5), Luis Rioja (7), Edgar (5) and Joselu (6).

Changes: Martin Aguirregabiria (5) by X. Navarro (m. 20); Pellistri (6) by Edgar (m. 62); Tomas Pina (5) by Pere Pons (m. 62); Manu García (sc) by Toni Moya (m. 80); Sylla (sc) for Joselu (m. 80);

Technician: Javier Calleja (6).

GOALS: 1-0, (m. 49), Memphis; 1-1, (m. 52), Rioja

REFEREE: Figueroa Montero (6), Andalusian.

YELLOW CARDS: Severa (m. 45+3); R. Duarte (m. 82)

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STADIUM: Camp Nou.

SPECTATORS: 37,278 spectators.

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