Front labeling of octagons is approved in Argentina

Front Food Labeling of food is now law. In a marathon session, the Chamber of Deputies approved the bill that requires marking with a black octagonal warning seal the packages and wrappers of all foods that have excess sugar, fat, calories or sodium.

“We are doing it based on concrete scientific evidence. It follows that the black octagon warning is the most effective way for consumers to interpret the presence or absence of critical nutrients in the food products they are going to eat,” said the president of General Legislation, Cecilia Moreau, vice president of the Frente de Todos bloc.

Among the arguments in favor, Moreau highlighted that “today the nutritional information that is provided is at least confusing, and it may happen that we are buying a product that seems healthy when in reality it is not.” The law establishes that non-alcoholic foods and beverages must include an indelible warning stamp on the main face that warns if the product has: excess sugars, sodium, saturated fat, total fat and calories.

The initiative determines that those products that contain sweeteners or caffeine will have to report that their consumption is not recommended for girls and boys. Likewise, it establishes the prohibition of issuing commercial advertising – aimed at children and adolescents – of products with warning stamps. In addition, it establishes that products that have more than one seal may not include cartoons or characters, public figures that attract the attention of children.

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