This is proof that people stealin general and that, specifically, it also in the supermarket. A recent study describes which products are most attractive to thieves, both for their value and for the convenience of hiding them in a bag or coat with sufficiently wide pockets. In the first place in the rankings are the alcoholic beverages. Supermarkets usually have them guarded in a closed cabinet. Not to drink on an empty stomach, the thief ensures a serving Iberian hams and sausages, which is also usually, the most expensive, protected. Then come razor blades, chocolates, coffee capsules, ice cream, jam and batteries. There are thefts I understand because they are small things, easy to camouflage, but I find it hard to get into the mind of the criminal who steals ice cream, a product that is by definition consumable at a forced rate. And, most of all, I was surprised by the shampooalso on the list, and I can not stop being enchanted by the window where they lock them tightly, every time the shop assistant activates the secret code to give me the supreme treasure of a lemon-flavored shampoo worth three euros to give.

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