Based on a book, which in turn was based on a true story, it arrives “12 Mighty Orphans”directed by Ty Roberts, it has everything one needs to enjoy a movie, including a spectacular cast led by Luke Wilson, Martin Sheen, Wayne Knight, Treat Williams, Vinessa Shaw and Robert Duvall, and a group of young actors doing a decent job.

A tormented football coach (Wilson), is in charge of creating a team with students from an institution with young people orphaned or abandoned by their parents, in the background of the Great Depression in the United States. The director of the film understands that this story is known by the public, and that the story of overcoming is obvious (they end up forming the legendary team The Mighty Mites, which reached the final of the high school football championship at the beginning of the 1930s), so it focuses the story on the lives of everyone involved including the alcoholic doctor from the institution who helps them (Sheen), the coach’s wife (Shaw), and the lives of the students, who at that time they were abandoned by their parents as they were unable to support their families, added to the corruption of the boarding school administrators.
It cannot be denied that we are facing an entertaining film, which in its almost two hours of duration delivers a story that moves, although we know exactly how everything is going to end. This, despite the clutter of images and the impressive amount of information that the director wants to show us at all times. Available in rooms

For the whole family it opens “Alive”Kirk de Micco’s animated film, the same from the underrated “The Croods.” Within the category of “animation with animals in an adventure with humanitos”, this time we follow Vivo, a kinkajú, or honey bear, or martucha, who serves as the mascot of Andrés, a talented musician, in the streets of Havana . When its owner dies, Vivo must deliver an unpublished song to the famous singer Marta Sandoval, with whom Andrés was in love all his life. The only little problem is that Marta lives in Miami, so Vivo will have to manage to leave Cuba for the United States (cough, cough), without being seen (cough, cough, cough).

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With a dozen infectious unreleased songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, In The Heights, Moana), who also provides the voice of the main character, “Vivo” is a little more than just entertainment, thanks to the Latin melodies of this composer. , the script by the Pulitzer winner Quiara Alegría Hudes and the voices of Gloria Estefan, Zoe Saldaña and Juan de Marcos González. 103 minutes, available on Netflix starting August 6.

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After standing out in the world of short films, Brazilian director Edson Oda premiered at the Sundance Festival his debut feature, “Nine Days”, taking the Waldo Salt Award for Best Screenplay. Highly conceptual, this drama is about a man’s office / home in the middle of the desert, where five souls embodied in people of different genders, ages, races and accents must pass tests very similar to the selection of a normal job to, finally, inhabit the body of a human being not yet begotten. Among other activities, they must observe and take notes on the lives of various people seen through televisions installed in the living room of the house. This process, in which only one of them will achieve the desired “position”, takes nine days. Those who are eliminated will be allowed to experience a “real life” scene before being erased from the face of the universe.

The process is lived out intensely, especially when Will, the man in charge of the selection, welcomes Emma, ​​an inquisitive soul, who thinks “outside the box” into the group. She does not seem so interested in the “final prize”, but in the process itself, and in knowing more about the life of Will, who was once a real human, and lives the grief of having unexpectedly lost one of his ” selected ”favorites, whose life was followed by one of the televisions.

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“Nine Days” manages to overcome the barrier of disorder that tapes with somewhat complicated concepts have, with very good decisions, such as making the story simple and direct, without too many explanations, similar to the cinema of Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze, who is also a director. movie executive. In addition, the staging is highlighted, where the designs of costumes, furniture and photography mix different eras, all seasoned with visual effects that are as subtle as they are fascinating. Hence we have the magnanimous music of Antonio Pinto and, on top of the cake, a dazzling interpretation of Winston Duke, which should be used in acting schools as an example of actors who, taken from stereotypes, can dazzle. 128 minutes, available in theaters from August 6.

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