From Soraya to Isabel through the neighbor’s boats

In 2018, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría won the PP primaries supported by the militants. Then he lost them in favor of Casado, by a minimal difference. I couldn’t believe it. But how, in front of a State attorney, did they impose on a little boy whom no one knew, who had supposedly been given a master’s degree and, always supposedly also, 18 Law subjects?

When Casado lost the elections against Sánchez, I asked a PP deputy: “But didn’t they realize that, against Soraya, Casado was a losing bet?” And he replied: “Lucía, Spain is not ready for a female president.” I think that Spain was prepared, but the compromisers were not.

Some time later, I was leaving the building of a television station and the production car was waiting for me at the door. That day there had been an accident on the M-30 and many vehicles were late. There was also an important figure from the Madrid PP, who began to complain that his car did not appear and he was late for an appointment. I proposed to share mine if he wanted, he thanked me and the three of us went up. Him, his press officer and me. I sat in the front seat, and the two of them were behind. I started talking to the driver, and they started chatting about their stuff, oblivious to the fact that I’m really good at simultaneous dichotic listening.

The man was talking about Díaz Ayuso. The terms he used about her were wildly sexist. Little girl, silly and… of course, gone.

At that time I did not feel at all close to Díaz Ayuso and, what is more, I could have said that she represented exactly everything that I discarded politically in my life. But my head clicked. How could someone from the same party talk about her like that, without using data or arguments, but only personal disqualifications? I was completely oblivious to the fact that they were going to do exactly the same thing to me just a year later, within another party that was tempting me to enter their lists in Madrid. In the same way that Isabel annoyed that man, I annoyed someone very much and a wild smear campaign began.

In the book ‘Selene and the four elements’ I tell, among many other stories, one that has a real basis. It is based on Nerea Nercromina Diaz, who in her day was one of the best ‘Street Fighter IV’ players in Spain and Europe, and who left the competition after savage harassment. Her team preferred to take a metaphorical shot in the foot rather than support a female player. The same as their parties did with Santamaría, with Álvarez de Toledo, with Cifuentes, with Calvo, with Sánchez Caldentey, with Tania Sánchez… With so many women in parties of all colors of the ideological spectrum.

In our country it is customary to campaign by attacking the opponent. But not to ideological, programmatic differences, but to personal characteristics. Politics has become an exercise in personal confrontation, not in ideas.

The candidates always receive a label. Puigdemont, Rajoy, Sánchez… are known by their surname, but Soraya is “Piggy”; Díaz Ayuso is “one way”; Mónica García is “mema”, and Cayetana is “the mare”.

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Then rumors begin to spread to discredit his career. His physique, his way of dressing, his age will be criticized. Therefore, the management of their image, of their campaign, includes the permanent defense to legitimize that they can do politics as women, mothers, fat, old or posh.

That is why I think that even women who feel ideologically distanced from Ayuso are going to celebrate inside that he has expelled Casado. What the left in Madrid was always looking for, the female vote, it is possible that Ayuso achieves it without even having planned it. Let’s not forget that many times the vote is emotional and not part of a logical reasoning. In the PP they have already learned it. But other parties should think that when you see the neighbor’s beard cut…

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