The word military comes from the Latin castrensis, which has to do with military camps or barracks and military life in them and therefore, because they live in barracks, military forces are called military forces.

The only thing that President López Obrador’s strategy of “hugs, not bullets” is causing is that more than military, the military forces have become castrated forces, in order to respond to the violence of criminal groups.

It is courageous to see the military cross their arms and see caravans of armed hitmen pass by without doing anything and it is sad to see how their vehicles are attacked or the citizens mock and offend them without being able to respond.

The Army and the Navy have always been the most valued institutions of the Mexican State, the decision to turn them into those responsible for public security, for which they are not prepared, the only thing that is causing their loss of prestige, if we add to this the businesses and the works that have been granted to them, these two institutions are going to fall into the same disrepute and corruption that most of the national institutions have.

It is true that on a personal level violence should not be combated with violence, but preventing the National Guard, the military, and the marines from doing their job and responding to the violence of organized crime makes their presence useless throughout the national territory.

Max Weber in his book The Politician and the Scientist distinguishes the State as the only one that has a monopoly on legitimate violence, but if it renounces exercising violence to protect the people, it is a State that has failed in its fundamental responsibility, which is to guarantee respect the law and give security to the people.

The results in security during these three years are very bad, the National Guard cannot with public security and the state and municipal police are forgotten, homicides remain at extremely high levels and the control by criminal groups in economic activities and the collection of flat is spreading throughout the national territory.

When the president recognizes that when a plaza is controlled by a single organized crime group, violence ends, he is accepting that he is leaving control of various areas of the country in the hands of these groups and is legitimizing his presence before the population.

Probably at first the strategy of taking the National Guard and the Army out on the streets worked, but given the lack of action due to the “hugs, not bullets” strategy, the criminal groups have already taken the measure and make fun of them. they.

The high command of the Armed Forces have allowed themselves to be co-opted by the president in exchange for business and works and are being complicit in the loss of prestige in which these institutions are falling.

For all this, and to safeguard the prestige of the military forces, we must oppose the continued militarization of the country and reject the president’s attempt to reform the Constitution so that the National Guard and, as a consequence, public security, remain in the hands of from army.

Demetrius Sodi

Mexican politician

from the pitch

Citizen interested in solutions for the country and Mexico City. Mexican politician, he has been a federal deputy (1988-1991), senator (2000-2006) and delegation head of Miguel Hidalgo (2009-2012).

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