From Cibeles they dream of turning Madrid into the “Iberian New York”

  • With 90% of urban hotels open, the region lights up for Christmas and bets on culture, shopping and restaurants to attract visitors to the Constitution Bridge

The Madrid hotel business association, which brings together 75,000 accommodation places, looks optimistically to the December long weekend, the great litmus test for tourism after more than 20 months of pandemic and one of the dates traditionally with the highest movement of travelers. However, hoteliers prefer to be cautious and will only provide forecast occupancy figures on December 1.

In any case, and despite being immersed in an unexpected? sixth wave of coronavirus, there is contained optimism among businessmen before the arrival of visitors. The 90% of hotels in Madrid They have already opened their doors and everything points to the fact that reservations for the Constitution’s holidays may exceed those registered on the bridge of November 1 (76%).

Almudena Maíllo, Councilor Delegate for Tourism of the City of Madrid, explains that we are not yet at the levels of 2019, but the growth of tourists is increasing considerably since last May.

There is also illusion in the offices of the Madrid’s community, which has invested 5 million euros in some tourist vouchers that allow discounts of up to 50% (with a maximum of 600 euros) in the payment of tourist products and services. The forecast is that these vouchers – already implemented with various modalities in many cities in Spain – will generate an economic impact of 14.8 million euros, attract more than 40,000 new travelers and generate around 120,000 overnight stays.

We are one step away from Christmas and the objective of the Community is to turn Madrid into “The Iberian New York & rdquor;. The Christmas lights go on this Friday. The city council has re-launched the tourist bus, Madrid City Tour, stranded since the start of the pandemic. The same thing happens with The trail, the traditional market that has been resurrected after severe restrictions.

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Everything in the capital – where the restaurants and the well-known terraces enjoy institutional support that drives the neighbors, fed up with noise and not finding a space to park their cars – invites you to consume and buy. The administrations are looking for a tourist not so much of luxury but of “High value”. Hence, the very clear commitment to culture, including musicals, with the long-lived Lion King at the head. “Our tourists are sensitive to culture and heritage. They want to soak up the life of Madrid & rdquor ;, explains Maíllo.

The Community of Madrid pursues that the region is a “lifestyle & rdquor ;, the famous” freedom & rdquor; mentioned so many times during these months of illness and restrictions by the president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. You have to show those tourists that Madrid is much more than its historic center. Despite the fact that 80% of the tourists that disembark in the region come to the city and not to the community, there are secret places to explore. If during the perimeter confinements imposed by other autonomies, it was the people of Madrid themselves who discovered autochthonous places, now it is the turn of outsiders to do so. The Minister of Tourism and Sports, Marta Rivera de la Cruz, encouraged a few days ago in an interview on the radio to be surprised by the birch forest of Canencia, Rascafría or the Church of Torrelavega, great nature destinations a few kilometers from the city .

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