Freshly arrived at the bookseller

Among all the books that have recently arrived in bookstores, here are a few that caught our attention.

Bodies on the snowStéphane Ledien

Quebec author and literature professor Stéphane Ledien has written a new thriller that takes us back to Montreal, in 2012, during the Charbonneau commission hearings. The assassination of a French journalist is the starting point of a series of violent events in which corrupt elected officials, members of the City of Montreal Police Department as well as a former agent of the City of Montreal will be involved. FBI and a Mexican killer. A chilling premise.

Bodies on the snow

Bodies on the snow

Robert Laffont Quebec

432 pages

FuryAlex Michaelides

The first novel by this British-Cypriot author, In his silencewas an international success (with more than 6.5 million readers in the 50 countries where it was translated), while his second instantly rose to the top of the bestsellers of the New York Times. We would therefore be remiss if we missed out on this third title, a behind-closed-doors thriller which takes place on a heavenly Greek island, where a film star invites his close friends. But the dream vacation quickly turns into a nightmare…




313 pages

Blonde dustTatiana de Rosnay

The French writer confided in an interview that she wanted to imagine a story around Marilyn Monroe, one of her childhood idols. But the main character of the novel is rather a young chambermaid who meets the American icon in a hotel in Nevada, and who will thus see the course of her existence completely deviate thanks to a fortunate combination of circumstances.

Blonde dust

Blonde dust

Albin Michel

309 pages

Twenty-three days of hatredSteve Laflamme

Second investigation by the duo formed by literature professor Frédérique Santinelli and detective lieutenant Guillaume Volta (after The lambs of dawn, published last year), this dark novel plunges into the abyss of domestic violence. A complex plot with a fast pace, we promise.

Twenty-three days of hatred

Twenty-three days of hatred

Free expression

416 pages

ArgyleElly Conway

This spy thriller is none other than the novel behind the film of the same name (by filmmaker Matthew Vaughn), released in theaters in February. An incredible story that combines humor and action.



JC Lattès

406 pages

Adrien’s Seven WivesChristine Lamer

The Quebec actress and presenter signs here her 11e title which takes us to 1920. A Breton survivor of the Great War decides to emigrate to Quebec with the intention of settling down to start a family there, but many obstacles stand in his way.

Adrien's Seven Wives

Adrien’s Seven Wives

Saint Jean

396 pages


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