Freelance, don’t forget about your retirement

If you work independently, one of the things you shouldn’t forget is saving for your retirement. And it is that being a freelance worker the burden of responsibility increases, therefore the National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (Consar) provides guidance to this sector of workers in order to have tools that allow them to put together a savings plan towards old age.

“If one of your projects for next year is to work independently, remember that you can keep saving in an afore,” said Consar on his Twitter account.

The commission has an Independent Workers section on its website which will allow you to save even if you have not contributed to a social security institute.

Within the section, freelancers will be able to obtain information and advice on how to open an afore account, how to choose the best one, how to make voluntary savings as well as savings plans according to their employment situation.

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