“Freedom convoy”: the truckers’ balloon deflates

“The Freedom Convoy” begins its eleventh day of protest in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, but the noose is tightening more and more against the die-hard demonstrators.

The protest movement has lost intensity over the days, deflating like a balloon, while citizens have shouted their anger at the inconvenience they are experiencing.

After the state of emergency declared by the City of Ottawa, the police abandoned mediation and decided to crack down by making arrests and fining the demonstrators.

No less than 450 fines were handed out over the weekend by the Ottawa Police Service, which dismantled makeshift camps for truckers.

The police also reported about sixty investigations for criminal acts which are in progress.

The hardening of the tone of the authorities was predictable in the face of the persistence of the protest movement of truckers which disturbed the tranquility of Ottawa residents.

In Quebec, things went more or less well, since the demonstrators lifted the siege on Sunday, not years promising to return to the charge in two weeks.

Ordered to clear out before 5 p.m. Sunday, anti-health restrictions protesters promise a “Woodstock of freedom”.


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