“Freedom convoy”: nearly $8 million in donations not yet accounted for

Had the “Freedom Convoy” managed to raise more than $20 million in donations during their three-week occupation of downtown Ottawa, nearly $8 million would still have gone unaccounted for, reports The Canadian News Thursday.

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Of the $24 million raised, just under $2 million is held by third-party agent KSV Restructuring Inc, which is responsible for overseeing the recovered money, according to a report.

A large part of the sum, however, was blocked after the indictment of Tamara Lich, one of the leaders of the convoy, who had launched the crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe and recovered nearly $ 10.1 million.

Most of these funds were still returned to donors as of February 5, according to GoFundMe. The $1.4 million in Tamara Lich’s possession is part of the amount managed by KSV Restructuring.

The money raised through GiveSendGo has not been fully traced, however, as $12 million was raised from the US-based crowdfunding site.

Recently filed court documents therefore revealed that $4.25 million is held by a payment processing company, but that $7.75 million cannot be found.


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