Freedom Convoy Leader Tamara Lich Arrested In Alberta, Charged With Violating Bail Conditions | CBC News

Freedom Convoy leader Tamara Lich was rearrested in Medicine Hat, Alta., for violating her bail conditions, her attorneys confirmed.

Lich was taken into custody Monday night, according to Keith Wilson, who represents Lich in his non-criminal cases, including a lawsuit.

Wilson, who spoke with Lich after her arrest, says she expects to be transported back to Ottawa next week.

Eric Granger, who is one of Lich’s criminal defense attorneys, also confirmed Lich’s arrest.

Granger says she has no reason to believe her client has done anything wrong and is “looking to learn more at this stage.”

“To the best of our knowledge, she has been diligently abiding by all of her bail conditions, as noted by the judge in her recent bail review.

While it is not yet clear what bail conditions she is accused of violating, there is speculation on social media that Lich could be in legal trouble over a Facebook photo showing her alongside a fellow convoy organizer who she was ordered to hold. away. by a judge

Court order across Canada

Lich faces charges of mischief, mischief counseling, police obstruction, police obstruction counseling, intimidation counseling, and intimidation by blocking and obstructing one or more highways for her role as one of the organizers of the protest that shut down much of from downtown Ottawa earlier this year. .

RCMP confirmed that Lich was wanted on a Canada-wide arrest warrant for violating his release order, but had no further information as the arrest falls within the jurisdiction of the Medicine Hat Police Service (MHPS).

MHPS says it won’t release information until Tuesday morning.

CLOCK | Supporters applaud Tamara Lich as she is released from jail last winter:

Convoy organizer Tamara Lich released from jail

Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of the weeks-long occupation of downtown Ottawa, was released from jail on Monday on the condition that she leave Ottawa. Lich was arrested on February 17 and charged with counseling to commit damage.

Anti-COVID-19 lockdowns brought Ottawa to a standstill for three weeks last winter as protesters parked trucks that blocked access to the neighborhood and major arteries around Parliament Hill.

Following her arrest, Lich was released on bail in March with conditions including staying away from social media. She is not allowed to organize any kind of protest and is also not allowed to contact several of the other leaders of the convoy, including Tom Marazzo, a former military man, who also had an unsuccessful run as an Ontario MPP candidate.

Lich was subject to a bail review last month, where prosecutors tried unsuccessfully to have her re-arrested for allegedly violating her bail condition that she does not support anything related to Freedom Convoy.

Weeks after being granted freedom in March, Lich was notified that she had been selected to receive a freedom award, presented by the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), a legal organization and charity. Registered based in Calgary.

Tamara Lich, fourth from left, was ordered by a judge not to have contact with convoy organizer Tom Marazzo, who is labeled second from right. This photo shows the group in Toronto after Lich accepted his freedom award from the JCCF. (Facebook/Stacey Kauder)

The award ceremony took place on June 16 in Toronto.

The Ottawa judge ruled that he would not revoke Lich’s bail, instead changing his conditions to allow him to travel to Ontario with the restriction that he be barred from entering the center of the capital.

Lich’s motive for wanting to travel back to Ottawa is protected by a court-ordered publication ban and cannot be reported.

But on June 17, the day after the Freedom Awards, Stacey Kauder, who describes Lich as a friend, posted a photo on her Facebook page showing Lich with her husband and four other attendees. the gala of the JCCF.

To Lich’s left is a man identified as Marazzo, another organizer of the convoy, with whom he has been ordered to have no contact unless his attorney is present.

Friends of the two convoy organizers speculated on social media that Lich was allowed to have contact with Marazzo at the event because there were JCCF attorneys present who also represent Lich in his civil matters.

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