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A family situation. the lawyer of Grinder customer Young Joo Hwang He says wild fredis shooting from The wonderful years the reboot has been a long time “in coming”, after years of alleged misconduct.

“It doesn’t surprise me in the least,” said Hwang’s lawyer. Anahita Silksaid page six on Monday, May 9. Seda represented Hwang in his 2018 lawsuit against the princess bride star, 45, in which she alleged that he physically assaulted her on the set of the Fox sitcom. The case was settled in April 2019.

“When my client came to me in 2018 with his allegations against Mr. Savage, we discovered that there was at least one lawsuit against him in the past and that Mr. Savage had allegedly engaged in this type of behavior not only towards my client, but but also towards other women”, continued Seda. “It is unfortunate that my client had to speak out and now reportedly these others before action was finally taken.”

On Friday, May 6, Savage was fired from his position as executive producer and director on The wonderful years restart after allegations involving verbal outbursts and inappropriate behavior. “Recently, we became aware of allegations of inappropriate conduct by Fred Savage and, as is policy, an investigation has been launched,” a 20th Television spokesperson said in a statement to Deadline At the time. “Upon completion, the decision was made to terminate his employment as executive producer and director of The wonderful years.”

While the American dad! star has yet to comment publicly on the recent allegations, having previously been accused of misconduct. In a 1993 lawsuit, monique longwho worked as a costume designer on the original Wonder Years, which starred Savage as Kevin Arnold, alleged that the actor and his co-star had verbally and physically harassed her. jason hervey. The duo denied the claims at the time, and the lawsuit was dropped after an undisclosed settlement was reached.

“When we shot the series finale… nobody knew if The wonderful years It was going to be renewed.” alley millswho played Kevin’s mother, said yahoo in 2018 when asked if the allegations played a role in The wonderful years‘ cancellation. “And that’s because of a completely ridiculous sexual harassment lawsuit that was going on against Fred Savage, who is, like, the least offensive, most wonderful, sweetest human being to ever walk the face of the Earth. … So I just thought [the lawsuit] It was a big joke and it was going to end.”

That same year, Hwang filed her lawsuit against Savage, claiming that he had “viciously punched” her in the arm three times after she allegedly brushed dandruff off his suit.

In her presentation, she also argued that the director had a reputation for creating a hostile work environment for female crew members on set. At the time of the alleged incident, Fox claimed that a “thorough investigation” had been conducted and that the network found “no evidence of any wrongdoing by Mr. Savage,” a Twentieth Century Fox representative said in a statement. a us weekly At the time.

Savage also vehemently denied the allegations against him. “I heard that a woman who worked in the wardrobe department on a show I was on almost three years ago claimed that I treated her harshly on set simply because she was a woman,” she said. Modern Family the actor said in a 2018 statement to Us. “These accusations are completely unfounded and absolutely false. Fox conducted an extensive internal investigation into his claims, a process in which he fully participated. After concluding an exhaustive investigation, Fox determined that there was absolutely no evidence to support these allegations. None of his claims could be substantiated because they didn’t happen.”

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