France will give aid of 100 euros in the face of rising fuel prices

French people who earn less than 2,000 euros net per month will benefit from a aid of 100 euros from December to compensate for the rising cost of fuel, the prime minister announced on Thursday, Jean Castex.

This one-time check, equivalent to about $ 115 and which will go to people with jobs, unemployed job seekers and retirees, is the “fairest and most effective” solution, announced Castex on the private network TF1.

Although the precise device will be revealed in the coming days, the head of the government advanced that the 38 million beneficiaries of this “inflation compensation” They will not have to carry out procedures, but the payment will be “automatic”.

The French executive had been looking for days for a “simple, fair and effective measure” to protect purchasing power, in the face of a situation that could represent a time bomb six months before the presidential election.

The first term of the French president, Emmanuel Macron, has been marked by the “yellow vest” crisis, which began against a rise in fuel prices in late 2018 and continued through part of 2019.

Fuels increased 2 cents last week, to historically high levels of 1.56 euros per liter for medium diesel and 1.62 euros for unleaded gasoline, with up to 10% ethanol (SP95-E10).

And all this in a context of rising gas and electricity prices, which forced the government of one of the main world economies to announce an energetic “shield” at the end of September to curb the rises.

The price of gas will remain blocked “throughout 2022,” Castex said on Thursday, explaining that, according to experts, the drop in prices “will be slower” than expected.

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