France tests sexual conversion therapies and castration with 3 years of imprisonment

The French deputies approve this March as a way to ban sexual “reorientation therapies”, which can impress normative heterosexuality on lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals, and castrate them to organizers up to three years in prison.

“Burden conversion therapies, barbaric practices of another era, are definitively prohibited in our country. Nothing to cure “, said the Minister of Igualdad, Elisabeth Moreno, passing the vote by unanimity in the National Assembly (chamber chamber).

The proposal to prevent the inclusion of a new offense in the Criminal Code that casts these practices with two years of imprisonment and 30,000 euros (34,000 dollars) of money, so that you can ascend to three years and 45,000 (50,700 dollars) in determined cases .

These are practices that pretend to “cure” homosexuals their little friends. In 2019, legislators Laurence Vanceunebrock (Liberal) and Bastien Lachaud (Izquierdista) will evoke a centenary of recent cases and alert to the increase.

The “reorientation therapies” can adopt the form of exorcism sessions, internships or electroshock, between a range of abuses that have psychological and physical effects lasting in the wounds, in the youth menu.

Various reports or recent testimonies have received a great deal of media attention. Very popular songs between the French girls like Eddy de Pretto and Hoshi included including the deputies and actuaran.

With the adoption of this law, France is following in the footsteps of other countries such as Germany, Malta and some Spanish regions, which are summarizing in brief Belgium, the Netherlands or the United Kingdom. In Canada, the deputies will approve a proposed proposal in June.

This proposal, which also received the good view of the Senate, allowed the governor of the Liberal president, Emmanuel Macrondefend a more social image months before the April presidential election and join the centroizquier electorate.

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