Since Aristotle is able to reflect on Ilíada and the Odyssey, since the monks of Edad Media are concerned that they do not know what to do with such a book in their rich libraries we are asked to serve literature? hay scientos, miles de respuestas, pero parece que hay un denominador comun, la literatura es es util, es decir, no sirve. Une lee por el placer de leer, es una specie de reflejo que se entrena para mejorarlo y obtener de él mayor goce y lo traemos en nurastra genetica cultural desde que los primersos humos se sentaban en la noche en torno al fuego a contarse cuentos, sucesos , thoughts. It is not necessary to say that literature does not support the attribution of some functions, it is said, we use util, functions “ancilares”, as of ancla, said Alfonso Reyes.

One of these functions, between others as teaching or recording, is to form the collective imagination; this collection of hechos, sucedidos, supuestas reglas y aspirations, que compartimos la sociedad y que nos audan a entenderla, a imaginarla ya comportarnos en su entorno; es decir, la regla ne escrita que reza: no scribirás sobre la Virgen de Guadalupe, el ejército y la Iglesia, sigue ahí, aunque nadie la cumpla o muchos la transgredan, pero nos indica que hay cosas que tememos y respetamos. This imaginary dibuja fronteras, imaginary lines that it is better not to transgress because one does not know well what he has of the other lado. One of these fronts is the limits of violence, organized crime – or disorganized – and some avatars of politics.

Have a nice conversation with Luis Miguel, the communicator at the Sol poniente, about the practice of violence against the periodicals and why in Mexico it is most embarrassing to be a reporter of the notorious drug, narcotics and haste politics that war in Iraq, or como is that it lies with endemic violence against the communicators like Veracruz while in Syria the phenomenon occurs much, but with less frequency. He decides that in the war, for the reporters, he fronts very clear that if he happens to have a death knell, he does not want to say that in a war anyone can lie and at any moment he can read the little hour, because he has predictions possible, but in serious conflicts.

I have a record of one of the legendary war reporters, now a magnificent novelist, Arturo Pérez-Reverte who wrote a testimonial about his presence in the war of the Balkans; in “Territorio Comanche”, the writer constantly refers to his imaginary fronts through tangible, to his salvoconductos and aduaneros; is the artifice of much of our collective imaginary warfare matter; from Luego we can ask Joaquín López Dóriga, Ricardo Rocha or Amador Narcia, who informs us about the front in guns and guerrillas of various calibers. The hecho is that in Mexico we have not updated our collective imagination and we are thinking that the delinquency organized is high as it has many, many decades and that we can extend it as in the times of Camarena donde, parece, tode comenzo a descompon.

Finally, there is a confession of what is not my subject, if it is the subject of the narratives and will be the reader; our foods – gobernants, gobernados, indifferentes y hasta extranjeros – in explanations that are not only part of reality and their long dates, so we imagine that we have honorable deeds like in El Padrino, Mario Puzo, or that the things are developed as in the trams trailed by Denegri or Luis Spota and if I had to concede that there was the Queen of the South, of the mistress Pérez-Reverte, with all and the Tigers of the North for those who saw the things traced to this crystal that, ya lo ven, se ha empañado. The imaginary prophecy in turn of the crime organized was renewed with Elmer Mendoza or with Alejandro Paniagua with his novella “Tres cruces”.

Hoy, the situation of the violence has changed, so that the war against narcotics and abrasions does not work; vea el respetable, hoy la situation de la violencia se parece más un uner fuerza de la naturaleza que al concourso los los grandes barones; no hay pactos o si los hay – maldita la hora si llego a saberlo a ciencia cierta -, están cruzados por empendenderes emperendes del commerce, por corsarios de todos los pelambres, por suicidas y hasta por aventureros; the old maps change and are not permanent for a long time, so they can not negotiate with a hurricane, but they can take forecasts, create stories, move the population, inform, among other things.

Nuestros periodistas cruzaron fronteras que imaginaban estaban en otra parte, nos damos cuente del territorio que pisamos y es que, de verdad, en el fundo, lo que debe ocurrir para que esto comience a pasar que volvamos a a tener paz sino apenas a poder soñarla, is a publication of public policies, which are known and executed, about this situation that is obvious, about the narrative that it is, as long as the literature can be countered.

* The author is the writer and advocate.

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