Four Ways Supply Chain Shortages Will Continue Into The New Year

Gaps in the supply chain meet growing consumer demand. Prepare for a lean year.

A vacant lot

The semiconductor shortage has already hampered the auto parts supply chain. Now, warnings about a global shortage of magnesium – a key component used to make aluminum for many auto parts – could put the entire industry on hold.

Is your fridge working?

Consumers are already waiting weeks or even months for some new appliances to appear, and experts say they shouldn’t expect the backlogs to disappear anytime soon. Pray that the old dryer can last another year.

Build it yourself

Ikea’s chief executive said in October that delays in shipments from China will remain a problem well into the new year. The company has already been leasing its own ships and buying shipping containers (pre-assembled, one hopes) to try and keep the Poängs flowing.

Pedals to metal

Bicycles were among the most sought-after and difficult-to-find items in the first year of the pandemic. Now heading into the third year, bike shops report that they are still struggling to keep up with the demand for two-wheelers.

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