Four people arrested at the National War Memorial in Ottawa as Canada Day celebrations begin

Four people were arrested in downtown Ottawa on Thursday night, as thousands of people began pouring into the capital for Canada Day celebrations.

Ottawa Police say officers responded to a “situation” in the area of ​​Wellington Street and Elgin Street, and the incidents included “assaulted officers.”

Mackenzie Gray of CTV News He said people were arrested at the National War Memorial, where some gathered to welcome Canadian Forces veteran James Topp after his Freedom March.

Ottawa police said Thursday night that the investigation into the incident is continuing.

“We are reviewing the video and investigating the incident at the National War Memorial tonight,” said the police on Twitter. “Initial investigation finds an interaction with officers turned into a confrontation and 1 officer was choked. Other officers responded immediately, 4 people were arrested.”

The arrests were announced hours after the police chief encouraged people to visit downtown Ottawa and the LeBreton Flats to celebrate Canada Day, promising it would be a “safe environment.”

Police officers on patrol, foot patrol and bike patrol the Parliamentary Precinct, ByWard Market and the so-called “motor vehicle control zone”, as the city prepares for Canada’s 155th anniversary celebrations and possible protests.

“Come on, don’t worry. This is a festival. This is to celebrate Canada, that’s why we’ve gone to the extreme where we have to put the plans in place and the resources around it,” interim chief Steve Bell told The New York Times. Evan Solomon show. “It’s going to be a safe environment tomorrow, that’s why we’re here to ensure that.”

Tens of thousands of people are expected to visit LeBreton Flats for Canada Day celebrations or visit restaurants and attractions throughout the city center. Several protests are planned in downtown Ottawa on Thursday and Friday.

Bell says the Ottawa police and their law enforcement partners are prepared for anything.

“It’s going to be big tomorrow because it’s Canada Day, so there could be over 100,000 people in and around this area,” Bell said. “Among them will be those people legally involved in protesting. That is what we have planned, so we are prepared for any eventuality that arises.”

Officers from the Ontario Provincial Police, RCMP and municipal police forces have been deployed to Ottawa to assist with Ottawa police.

A motor vehicle control zone has been established from Colonel By Drive/Sussex Drive on the east, Booth Street on the west, Wellington Street on the north, and Laurier Avenue on the east, along with the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway.

“Officers are keeping an eye on what’s coming in, trying to maintain the normal flow of incoming traffic through the area.”

Motorized vehicles participating in any form of demonstration, event or protest will not be allowed in the city center. There will be no street parking or stops on the roads in the control zone.

The Ottawa statute said that from 8 a.m. on Wednesdayofficers issued 234 parking tickets and towed 59 vehicles located in the vehicle control zone around the Parliamentary Precinct.

On Wednesday, officers stopped a small convoy of vehicles in the area of ​​Pinecrest Road and Hwy. 417 and several citations were issued. In an interview on CTV News Ottawa on Wednesday night, Bell defended the officers’ actions to stop vehicles in the capital region.

“In fact, we have good legal bases for the plans that we have put in place. We make sure that we maintain the legal foundation because that is very important as a police service,” Bell said. “We feel comfortable with the stance we’re taking and the actions officers are taking, and it’s all in the name of ensuring public safety and being able to have a good Canada Day holiday.”


Ottawa police say four people were arrested as officers responded to a “situation” in the area of ​​Wellington Street and Elgin Street Thursday night.

“Incidents include assaults on officers,” police said on Twitter.

The Wellington and Elgin area is at the National War Memorial, where hundreds of people had gathered.


Ottawa Police say one person has been arrested for violating bail conditions in the East End.

Police were involved in an ongoing operation on Highway 417 at Anderson Road Friday morning.

Police say the person was arrested for violating bail conditions, which included not entering Ottawa. A vehicle was also towed.


Preparations continued through Thursday for the Canada Day festivities at LeBreton Flats.

“It’s great to finally be back and be back,” supplier Paul Baker said. “I missed it in the last few years.”

Tourists began to flock to Ottawa for birthday celebrations.

“I am very excited to be on Parliament Hill,” said Ann Health, who is visiting from the United States. “This is super exciting. Just to feel the energy.”

Hamzrah Riaz is visiting Ottawa from Kitchener.

“We look forward to joining the celebrations tomorrow night. The fireworks and all the amazing things that are happening here.”


The Canadian Forces Snowbirds will not participate in the Canada Day festivities in Ottawa.

The Royal Canadian Air Force announced that the Snowbirds’ flight over Ottawa on Friday has been cancelled, following a problem with the plane’s emergency ejection parachute that grounded the fleet for nearly a week.


Visitors to Parliament Hill will need to go through a security check and be searched by a Parliamentary Protection Service officer.

A sign on the fence along Wellington Street says that various items are restricted, including tables, speakers, grills, spray cans, weapons, fireworks and sports equipment.


A motor vehicle control zone remains in place around the Houses of Parliament, downtown Ottawa, and roadways near LeBreton Flats.

The zone extends from Colonel By Drive/Sussex Drive to the east, Booth Street to the west, Laurier Avenue to the south, and Wellington Street to the north, along with Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway and Albert Street to the west of Booth Street.

Roads in the motor vehicle control zone are not closed today; however, motorized vehicles participating in any form of demonstration, event, or protest will not be permitted in the area. There will be no street parking or stops on the roads in the control zone.

The city of Ottawa says a motor vehicle control zone will be in effect from Wednesday at 8 a.m. until July 4 at 6 a.m. (City of Ottawa/Twitter)


The Ottawa Statutory and Regulatory Services say officers are out to ensure all parking regulations are followed in the motor vehicle control zone.

“All vehicles that do not respect the no stopping zones will be ticketed and towed. Parking time limits and no parking zones outside the central core will also be strictly enforced,” the city said.

The Ottawa Statute will also focus on the following statutes to ensure residents and visitors obey the rules over Canada Day weekend.

  • No unnecessary motor vehicle or other noise, including loudspeakers or shouting.
  • No unnecessary idling of the motor vehicle
  • Not obstruct a sidewalk or roadway by any means, including the setting up of tents or other illegal structures.
  • Do not urinate or defecate in public
  • No outdoor fires
  • No littering
  • Discharge of fireworks: in contravention of the regulations of the Fireworks Ordinance.


Ottawa City Hall and the underground municipal parking garage will be closed all weekend.

City Hall and the parking structure will be closed from 5 p.m. Thursday through 6 a.m. Monday.

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