Found a second deceased by the floods in Navarra

A neighbor’s vehicle from Elizondo (Navarra) disappeared this Friday when he was going to work has been located submerged in the river in Lesaka and the firefighters of the Aquatic Rescue Group have been able to verify that his body is inside, in the driver’s seat.

The strong current and low visibility make the rescue, which will take place this Sunday, unfeasible for now, as reported by the Government of Navarra.

The 61-year-old man left his home in the morning to go to work at Lesaka Laminations but did not make it to the factory.

The search started this Friday did not give results and this Saturday is when a vehicle submerged in the river has been sighted whose characteristics coincided with that of the disappeared.

Firefighters from the Oronoz Park and the GRA have confirmed that it was that of the person who was looking for and that the body is inside.

In addition to the firefighters who have also displaced the Technical Rescue Group, patrols from the Provincial Police and the Civil Guard have participated in the searches.

Is about the second fatality caused by the floods that have affected different areas of Navarra.

Sánchez asks “a lot of caution”

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has reported in his profile on the social network Twitter, that he is “in contact” with the presidents of the autonomous communities affected by the temporary ‘Bar’.

Sánchez has stated that he is “Very pending” of the evolution of the flood of the Ebro river, as well as of the precipitations and the risk of avalanches as a consequence of the abundant rains and snowfalls registered in the last weeks.

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In addition, the president has recommended that citizens follow the indications of the emergency services. “Let’s remember: a lot of caution “.

This Saturday, the Military Emergency Unit (UME) deploys 292 military personnel, 102 vehicles and 1 helicopter to face the extraordinary flood of the Ebro river as it passes through various towns in Zaragoza.

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