Fortes, outraged by an accusation of Cuca Gamarra: “It is the most unworthy thing that they have told me”

Viewers of ‘The night in 24 hours’ They witnessed this Tuesday one of the most tense interviews in the history of the program. Xabier Fortes had a run-in with Cuca Gamarra, spokesman for the PP in Congress, after it hinted that it was whitewashing ETA during the interview. An accusation that outraged the presenter, who later gave him the opportunity to recant.

The conversation began to go awry when Fortes recalled that, when Jose Maria Aznar was President of the Government, affirmed that it was necessary to be “generous with that world” if ETA stopped killing. “Why when you were in the Government had to explore that possibility and be generous, even though ETA exists, and now that the Government does not exist, it cannot do the same?”

“The PP has never had Bildu as a preferred partner,” Gamarra replied, stating that his party will not participate. “in this approach to whitening Bildu in the institutions”. “You are insinuating that when the PP had government responsibilities in different institutions, it gave Bildu the same prominence that it has today with Pedro Sánchez,” he added later: “I do not consent to it, because it is not true.”

“I understand that they are on a whitening task”, affirmed popular politics, leaving Fortes perplexed: “Who are you? What do you mean? Am I whitewashing ETA?” “You are wanting to justify what Pedro Sánchez is doing by saying that we did the same. The PP has not negotiated or governed with the support of Bildu,” she replied.

Gamarra: “Maybe I have exceeded myself”

Fortes insisted on several occasions to understand if he had understood well the accusation of his guest: “I can put you in the mirror of what you did when you were in government. But you have just said that I am whitewashing ETA.” “You tell me that I am whitewashing ETA for telling the data”stressed the TVE journalist, visibly upset.

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“It is clear that you think that I am blanking ETA, I am not going to go into that any more. Just understand that it doesn’t seem like a receipt to me“Fortes settled before moving on to other matters. However, later he took up this issue again so that Gamarra would have the opportunity to retract.

“I have been in this profession for 33 years. I started with 22, I am 55 and they have called me everything. This statement that I launder ETA is the most unworthy thing that they have told me live or on tape. I give you the opportunity to reflect if you want, “he said before a Gamarra who, finally, withdrew his words:” Maybe I have exceeded that statement. ”

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