“This is a president who lost the House, the Senate and the White House in four years,” argued Will Hurd.

STATEMENT. The former congressman sees it possible for Republicans to take the Lower House in the next elections. | Photo: Twitter @HurdOnTheHill.

Will Hurd, a former Republican representative for Texas, said Sunday that former President Donald Trump’s participation in the Republican Party should be limited or restricted entirely; after the election results and the assault on the Capitol that occurred on January 6.

In an exclusive interview with Meet the press, from NBC, Hurd was asked about what Trump’s role should be in the Republican ranks, to which the former congressman replied: “I think very little, if not nothing at all.”

“This is a president who lost the House, the Senate and the White House in four years. I think the last person to do it was Herbert Hoover, and that was during the Great Depression, ”Hurd said.

Electoral vision

He also suggested that they should get in touch with Democrats unhappy with ideas like expanding immigration. He argued that Democrats did not win Republican seats in the Lower House in the November elections.

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In his view, the Republican Party can take control of the House of Representatives in the 2022 elections; But he dismissed that perspective if the organization focuses on questioning the results of the 2020 presidential election, in which Trump lost.

“We have a chance, but we can’t do that if we’re talking about the lies of an election gone wrong or succumbing to conspiracy theories.”

In 2019 Hurd announced his retirement from Congress for January of this year, which became effective and was succeeded by Representative Tony González, who assumed the seat for the 23rd District of Texas.


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