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Anyone who doesn’t think Rottweilers can be cuddly hasn’t met Duke — apparently.

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The three-year-old male Rottweiler mix, who has been at the Toronto Humane Society since last December after being transferred there from remote shelter, is ready for his Forever Home.

“Duke is the prince of cuddles,” said THS spokesperson Hannah Sotropa.

“He likes getting close to his humans. He’ll look at you with his big, beautiful, brown eyes. He’ll give you all the tummy that you need to rub. He’s just a little snuggle bug. His love language from him is definitely touch. He’s a very playful guy. He’s a big boy. And he’s really looking for someone to entertain him and throw the ball. And take him out for walks.”

Which is not to say that Duke isn’t also independent.

“He also can entertain himself when he finds toys until he gets sleepy and then he’ll go for naps,” said Sotropa.

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“But he’s very quiet, very loving, very handsome. He’s a great work from home partner, a really sweet boy.”

Duke, a three-year-old male Rotweiller mix, is ready for his Forever Home at the Toronto Humane Society on Wednesday May 11, 2022. Photo by Supplied /Toronto Humane Society

Sotropa said Duke can live in both the city, as long as it’s a low traffic area, and the country, and a home with other pets or small children isn’t ruled out.

“He currently lives in the city and loud noises don’t phase him while he’s on walks,” she said.

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“He’s also friendly with strangers. He is working on interacting with other dogs on his leash from him. So that’s the kind of the biggest thing to be mindful of with little Dukey here is that he is going to need continued training currently. So other than that, if he does not see other dogs, his leash manners are amazing. And he doesn’t pull although you might get a slight tug if he sees a squirrel. But he’s got great house manners, great training, he can be left alone for hours at a time, and because of his social and friendly nature he would really do well in a lot of homes.

Duke also has a form of osteoarthritis in his back left leg, so keeping him lean and giving him joint supplements will be part of his care.

“He’s a really lovely playful boy,” said Sotropa. “Again ten-out-of-ten house manners inside.”

If you are interested in adopting Duke, please visit to check available appointment times and start the process.

UPDATE: Goldie, the dog, from last month’s Forever Friend column, is still available for adoption.

Goldie, a four-year-old female shepherd-mix, is available for adoption at the Toronto Humane Society.
Goldie, a four-year-old female shepherd-mix, is available for adoption at the Toronto Humane Society. Photo by Toronto Humane Society /Supplied

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