Forest route: from Barcelona to Sant Cugat on foot

Another gust of wind. A branch falls to the ground in the forest. The leaf litter rises and flies. You sigh with that mental image. you crave the nature. Whether you have been faithful to the mountain during the spring Siberian as if you are one of those who only leaves excursion With good weather, these days are ideal to heed the call of the green. You set yourself a goal: to reach from Barcelona to Sant Cugat on footalong the path of the mythical Pi d’en Xandri. One way (and maybe back) on foot along the forest road. Contemplating the vegetation, listening to your steps, leaving the city behind.

The starting point is Mundet. From the metro stop you head towards the Velòdrom Municipal d’Horta Miquel Poblet (Paseo de la Vall d’Hebron, 185), and go around it at the top. You go up the street that houses the university residence Agora BCN (Paseo dels Castanyers, 21) and soon you feel relieved to stop stepping on cement. Be careful, do not get too enchanted by the meadows: you have to make a 90 degree turn as soon as you find the first sign on the road. you follow the track GR 6which is indicated on the post with a red and white sign and an arrow indicating the aforementioned detour.

Hop, hop, you begin to climb, taking care not to trip over rocks and roots as the basin of the trail narrows. At the end of the slope of woody steps you find a phenomenal first viewpoint. A large electrical tower opens a clearing that serves to catch your breath contemplating the city and the sea at your feet, and already in the background perfect to make a photo call to all fuss. He nails the ragpicker pose of the mountains.

The transit through the greenery continues through a lovely passage, where the branches curve offering a kind of green roof as we descend between bewitching trunks. You feel so wild, you almost expect to be greeted by a ent at your pace, or that the good of groot peek behind a tree.

With your retinas flooded with fronds, you finish the descent until you reach an esplanade. There are directions to the Hermitage of Sant Medir, to our right. In the following curve we find a shortcut that consists of a tremendous descent between rocks. You have to wedge yourself to the side, being careful not to get caught, but it is well worth giving yourself over to the crazy descent with the tenacity of Conan the Barbarian. That yes, when really you sweat and your heart races it’s uphill, if you choose the same stretch back.

Now yes, you cross the wooden picnic areas and you find the Romanesque chapel of Sant Medir (Forest Track B05). Contemplating its double bell tower, that mysterious door and the stone inscriptions brings echoes of ancient Barcino. You greet the gentlemen who have stopped to eat nuts next to the fountain of the Camp del Miracle and continue your route.

250 year old tree

If you are in a relaxed Sunday plan, you can make a stop and eat at Can Borrell (Carretera d’Horta a Cerdanyola BV-1415, Km 3) and fill the crop with their grilled delicacies. If you are brave, you will keep putting one foot on the other, jumping rivulets and raffling dangers.

In the Sierra de Collserola they don’t assault you Nazgul, but from time to time you have to dodge a rearing cyclist. Although almost all are respectful. After loving the almond blossom and escape with the landscape, you finally reach your destination. The mouth disengages with the majestic figure of the Pi d’en Xandri: a tree over 250 years old, 23 meters of fantasy for you to saturate the gallery of your mobile.

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The epilogue to this triumphant goal is to enter into Sant Cugat until the Lluís Millet square, where it is convenient to have a vermouth or snack with a view of the railway station. Of course we could also walk back again. You dare? Come on, tie your laces well.

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