So there is no need to get caught up in these lands, but there are more of the discourses and good intentions to fight violence, corruption and impunity. The most obvious example is that it protects the imaginary imaginings that in many cases the goblins constructed in their daily rhetoric, the day has our rebate and evidence of golf, the reality in which many Mexicans and Mexicans live all days.

The associates of periodicals in these days, we believe that a country that can not guarantee the right to freedom of expression, is bound to mediate and long place to succeed in its own violence, impunity and corruption. As it is clear is the panorama, without freedom of expression and guarantees to own the periodic labor and denunciation in all its forms, we will end up consolidating the debt, the control and the injunctions that can be surpassed by the goblins, sectors of society and individuals who lead us to the peor of the world.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, without that right, democratic societies can not be consolidated. A country that has to maintain a free press, which allows us to inform, communicate and express free speech, without being bothered by employees or arranged to know what works and what does not. A free press, advocating a true democracy, we have the most citizens and we can responsibly assume our place as individuals, actors and members of a community. Calling and arranging periodic ownership is an act that seeks only against the citizens who own it right to express, also implies a direct gulf to the members of a company and its governors who pierden the possibility of informing and communicating and take the most institutional, governmental and communitarian decisions. Without freedom of expression and real guarantees to own the periodism and activism all losses.

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Así, los gobiernos, sin importar su dimension Dimension, statatal o federal tienen la obligation de asegurar la libre expressie y guarantar el derecho a la communicacion des sus ciudadanos ya su vez, de asegurar conditions for para elerzicio de la profession y ancho del territorio pueda llevarse a cabo. There is no compromise, we have an obligation on the part of the governors.

Mexico is considered one of the most difficult countries to acquire periodism. In the country there are quiet zones in states like -Veracruz, Chihuahua, Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Baja California, Oaxaca, Sinaloa between otros- and controlled by various interests such as politicians, economists like criminals, which impede that it can own information. For the past 21 years the consequences for periodicals, activists and defenders of human rights have been at stake. On the other hand, it can also be said that, in this governing body, the number of assistants and staff members and activists has increased considerably, this evidence of a complex and cruel panorama that has been minimized, but more than the numbers – que son terribles- las historias lo son aún más. Hoy owns the right to freedom of expression if he wants a combative sport, where being in a game is the life of four denunciating judges.

Only to have a clearer dimension than what we pass, there is information to be known by the Human Rights, Population and Migration Subscriptions, in more than 90% of the periodicals employed and employed. 43% of the aggressors, were found in public services in their local majority. On the other hand, in Mexico, there were already 148 periodicals assisted since 2000, as reported by the Article 19 organization, of which 48 were conducted during the sex of Felipe Calderón, 47 and the governor of Enrique Peña Nieto and 52 periodists together with 97 activists in the current government – this is information that can be obtained from the Government Secretariat.

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In the same sense, it is in this government that the increase in the Protection Mechanism for the Defensive Persons of Human and Periodic Laws has increased by approximately 88%, so that there are 798 persons in 2018 created in 1506, of the 495 numbers periodicals. On the other hand, within this protection mechanism, according to SEGOB’s information information, 61.3% belong to political court investigations, 46.5, to the policy court line and 2.4% to social issues.

It’s one of the last three cases of periodicists: Lourdes Maldonado, Margarito Martínez and José Luis Gamboa, witnessing the crude reality of violence and impunity that we live in these times, give us good luck, fail and compromise real that guarantees the free expression of expression in Mexico, our alley of a truck haha ​​the democratic consolidation, solidarity and development that we need.

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