The National Baking and Stock Commission (CNBV) announced the revocation of the popular financial company (sofipo) Financial Marketer of Automotive, with the commercial name of COPINGfor taking an attitude of rebellion against authority, which is legally known as assuming a posture of default.

This Thursday, June 23, the CNBV published in the Official Journal of the Federation an excerpt from the notice of revocation of the sofipo based in Aguascalientes, which lasted just over three years in operation, according to statistics from the same authority.

“Due to the state of default of the company, the grounds for revocation of its authorization to operate as a popular financial company are considered accredited,” can be read in the official letter published in the DOF.

COFIA is an entity that was authorized since February 2014; however, it was not until 2016 that it began operations and was supervised in an auxiliary manner by the federation People’s Victory.

Data from the CNBV indicate that its operation was maintained until September 2019, when it reported a current credit portfolio of 1.6 million pesos, a delinquency rate of 52% and service to only 170 clients.

As of September 2019, the entity no longer recorded numbers and began failing to report information to both the CNBV and the federation in charge of its auxiliary supervision.

The last record that the federation has on this entity dates from April 2020, when it registered a capitalization level of 6971%, placing it in category 1 of the CNBV early warning scheme.

According to records of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users and Financial Services (Condusef), this sofipo, anchored in Aguascalientes and headed by Luz María Dávila Díaz de León, had until recently served 203 clients.

It is noteworthy that the notice of revocation only refers to Sandro García Rojas Castillo, now former Vice President of Supervision of Preventive Processes of the CNBV, as the official who reported on the document in February 2022, as well as Juan Manuel Hernández Vega and Armando Díaz. Betancourt, Area directors attached to the General Contentious Directorate of the authority, who certify the document, without mentioning the current president Jesús de la Fuente Rodríguez.

Although this entity did not record deposits, it is worth remembering that savers of this type of entity have protection of their assets for up to 25,000 Udis, which is about 177,000 pesos per client.

With this revocation, the sofipos sector is made up of 38 entities in operation, two authorized without operating and 12 revoked.

two more entities

Along with said document, the CNBV also published excerpts from the revocation official notices of two investment company operating companies, which are Operadora de Impulsoras y Promotoras de Capitals, as well as Mexultra.

With these revocations, the investment company operator sector is made up of 34 entities in operation.

Likewise, it was also published by which the terms of the authorization to operate of the UCICA credit union are modified.

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