For people 60 and over, booster doses

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that, as soon as possible, there will be booster doses of vaccines against Covid-19 in Mexico, mainly for older adults. However, it did not specify when its application will begin.

He stressed that its application in the rest of the population will be evaluated later. “We wanted to act prudently so as not to instill fear, but it is part of the plan we have, as soon as possible.

We have to continue vaccinating in very remote communities, because much progress has been made in vaccination, here in Mexico City two doses are already almost 100%, but there are states in which we still have to continue visiting small communities, “he said.

“The vaccination for young people will continue, at the time it will be decided on children and yes we will soon start the booster vaccine for older adults, but we will be evaluating.”

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