For Biden, Justin Trudeau no longer exists

During his recent tour of Asia, Joe Biden began to lay the groundwork for a new alliance between the United States and a strategic group of Asian countries. Canada was never mentioned in history. It’s quite worrying.

At the end of his term as Prime Minister, Stephen Harper signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This agreement was to unite the three North American countries with Australia and Asian countries.

The agreement opened up a market of 800 million people to Canadian companies. It also had the other hidden objective of counterbalancing China’s power in the Pacific region. The deal may not have been perfect, but clearly Canada was a player at the table.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership was finally shelved by Donald Trump, who did not like multilateral agreements or the concept of free trade. It was a mistake by Trump who misjudged the significance of China’s rise.

During the debate of the candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party, Jean Charest raised the question of Canada’s absence from these discussions. He thus played the card of experience in matters of international relations. He also pinpointed the weakening of Canada’s foreign policy.

Forgotten Canada

The news is shocking in Canada. In his new strategic approach to Australia and a dozen Asian countries, the current American president is not burdened with Canada. Canada is no longer part of the equation. Justin Trudeau no longer exists.

From hollow speeches to empty promises, Justin Trudeau has been relegated to second place. Canada is sliding with him. In the era of Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau could point to the obvious difficulties of obtaining collaboration with the White House. But Joe Biden is supposed to be a friend, an ally.

However, nothing seems to be going well in the relationship with Joe Biden. The solution to the Roxham Road problem would require a new agreement with the Americans. Nothing is progressing. US protectionism has hit the Canadian dairy sector again this week. And Biden is going to forge ties in Asia without worrying about his northern neighbor.


Yet Canada should be an important partner in the Pacific region. Vancouver and all of British Columbia are major economic players. The West Coast is a gateway to all of Canada on the Pacific. The West’s oil and gas export potential has strategic value that should be of interest to Asian countries.

The emerging scenarios are quite bleak for Canada.

Either we are excluded from a strategic partnership, weakening our political and economic position in Asia.

Either we will be faced with a fait accompli with the only option being the possibility of signing an agreement negotiated without us.

Either we invite ourselves to a party of friends to which they forgot to invite Justin.

There is a disturbing message here about Canada’s influence in the world.

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