Focus on the customer

One of the values ​​that guides our companies is Customer Focus: our corporate development is directly related to our ability to increase their well-being. This applies to any economic activity.

The classical economist Adam Smith taught us that “it is not the kindness of the baker that brings the bread to your table, but his own interest.” This brief reflection summarizes our motivation as entrepreneurs to serve others.

The financial and operational strength of our companies is closely related to a satisfied customer who returns to us, repurchases and recommends us. This drives a virtuous cycle of business growth.

The Focus on the Client is a value that begins with a deep and permanent analysis of their preferences and needs, it requires a sufficient and timely supply of the best products, a friendly and orderly service and the generation of accessible payment options. For this, information systems are essential.

Once the client honors us with their visit, we must serve them as we would like them to do with us. This implies: (i) understanding it and showing empathy; (ii) honestly and fully explain the characteristics of the product to you; (iii) exceed your expectations; (iv) always comply with what we promise and (v) provide an excellent after-sales service.

Whether due to poor treatment, poor advice or long waiting times, sooner or later companies pay the consequences of poor customer service.

Above all, we must avoid pride that makes us forget: (1) teamwork, which allows us to improve our service, so it is always better to operate with a few very good collaborators than with many and bad ones; (2) passion for details and execution, so that nothing is left unsolved and (3) maximum dedication and daily effort. It is necessary for the sales force to always exceed the results of the previous day, we call this continuous improvement.

Acting in this way will bring direct benefits to us and to our families. With this attitude, we will contribute to making the markets in which we operate more competitive and efficient. This will necessarily contribute to strengthening economic activity and increasing the well-being of our communities. Customer Focus makes us great.

* The author is president and founder of Grupo Salinas.

Ricardo B. Salinas

Mexican businessman

Entrepreneur Forum

The author is president and founder of Grupo Salinas

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