Florida Appeals Court Reinstated State Ban on Masks Mandates in Schools

SCHOOLS. Parents will have the last word / The Washington Post

This Friday, a Florida appeals court reinstated the state ban on masking mandates in schools, an action that has sparked debate in the state and that finally gave Republican Governor Ron DeSantis a judicial victory.

Because it is important?: The court decision gives the Florida State Department of Education the possibility to execute actions against the school districts of the territory in case they present requirements about the use of face masks to their students.

  • According to the ruling, it will be the parents who will have the last word on whether or not the children should wear a mask.
  • A group of local cases of this type are still in development in the state; however, this ruling seems to point to where the rest of the lawsuits will go.

What do they say?: “Like last year in the school reopening litigation, the First District Court of Appeals has restored Florida’s ability to protect parents’ freedom to make the best decisions for their children while they make their own decision. on the appeal, “said a spokesman for the governor.

  • The fact reverses the decision last week handed down by a circuit court that gave the victory to school districts.
  • Following the announcement, DeSantis appealed the decision that ended with Friday’s announcement.

Main source of the news: POLITICO


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